Chatroom History
July 10, 2018 8:00pm - 10:16pm

timmmii: and here we are (8:15pm)
turd ferguson: is there going to be an encore DTW at 6-8 every week? i wuz confused (8:16pm)
timmmii: well, i figured since nobody is using that slot, might as well play old shows (8:17pm)
timmmii: and because i just changed time slots, many people don't know (8:18pm)
turd ferguson: ah ok good idea, thought maybe it was software gone wild (8:21pm)
timmmii: no. basically me covering my bases (8:26pm)
timmmii: 'software gone WILD' (8:35pm)
timmmii: heh, on the software we have running this station ... (8:35pm)
timmmii: anything's possible (8:35pm)
timmmii: i like this vince watson album (8:37pm)
timmmii: chillish, good late night music (8:37pm)
Dial: Just do 4 hour slots for a while, Timmmii!!! (9:02pm)
timmmii: i can't. i have a 13-month-old baby who goes to bed at 730pm. (9:05pm)
timmmii: doing 8-10 is easier for me (9:05pm)
timmmii: however, i've been known to do marathon dj sets. they are my specialty (9:06pm)
timmmii: i've played 12+ hour sets at burning man (9:06pm)
Dial: Right on. Sounds great as always. Thank you! (9:21pm)
timmmii: thank you ! (9:21pm)
Dial: Love it!!! (9:45pm)
timmmii: thanks everyone! (10:01pm)
timmmii: i really appreciate you all tuning in (10:01pm)