Chatroom History
July 15, 2018 10:00am - 12:30pm

Dial: Morning, Boy O! (10:06am)
Dial: Give Denise a hug for me. (10:07am)
Dial: Oh yeah?!?! How was the Midwest trip? (10:11am)
Boy Orbison: Morning Dial! (10:13am)
Boy Orbison: The trip was awesome, thanks! (10:13am)
Boy Orbison: the only night of a huge storm was the night of theth, of course (10:13am)
Boy Orbison: *hugged Denise for you (10:13am)
Boy Orbison: So, you're not going to be leaving us, afterall? i was bummed to see that you were (10:14am)
Boy Orbison: You add a lot to this station, Dial. Glad you're gonna be around (10:16am)
Dial: Great to hear the trip went well. Of course the storm timed itself just right. (10:19am)
Dial: Thanks for hugging her. She rocks! (10:19am)
Dial: Yeah, looks like you guys are stuck with me... (10:20am)
Dial: Thanks for the compliment! Means alot. Cheers. (10:20am)
Boy Orbison: It's the truth! Cheers! (10:22am)
Dial: Love Patti doing this! (11:55am)
Boy Orbison: Same!! Have a great week, Dial! (11:56am)
Dial: You too, my friend! (11:57am)