Chatroom History
July 22, 2018 2:00pm - 4:28pm

Dial: Eazy E vinyl, Malderor. Sweet! (2:01pm)
DJ Rocky : Say hi to Radu and Matt for me... Irish Dave (2:44pm)
DJ Rocky: Wednesday!!! (2:51pm)
DJ Rocky: You guested last week but you can%u2019t remember what day It was. This is why I love u deathwish (2:53pm)
DJ Rocky: Zeitgeist has always been notorious for douchey staff especially the outdoor staff (3:10pm)
Dial: Yo Squirrel! (3:16pm)
malderor: (3:25pm)
ajax: HAHA suspect device.... kids today just dont realise the unique ness of living through bombscares and shootings and murders daily, (3:27pm)
ajax: the good old bad times (3:27pm)
DJ Rocky: yup theres nothing like security checkpoints on your way to school. (3:28pm)
DJ Rocky: Hey Dial!!! hope you in fine fettle this day. (3:34pm)
malderor: thanks for tuning in, yall. (4:03pm)
Dial: Fun show. Thanks. (4:08pm)