Chatroom History
July 16, 2018 10:00pm - 12:27am

Miss K. Oz: Hey, Sex C people, (10:11pm)
Miss K. Oz: Be on in just a minute, with Danarama (10:11pm)
Dial: Great tracks, Miss Kae. Happy Monday. (10:13pm)
Miss K. Oz: Happy Monday, Dial a shot! (10:14pm)
Miss K. Oz: (10:45pm)
Dial: Do people use rope or twine? Does that even count? (10:50pm)
Miss K. Oz: Two Knotty Boys - (10:55pm)
Dial: Cool (10:57pm)
Miss K. Oz: stocking bondage - (11:00pm)
Dial: ptomaine has always scared me. (11:32pm)
Miss K. Oz: I had never heard of that (11:33pm)
Dial: Miss Kae will figure out the coils later. No sweat. (11:33pm)
Miss K. Oz: :) (11:33pm)
Dial: I had to look up words that start with pt (11:34pm)
Dial: Spam songs for all! That was great! (11:38pm)
Miss K. Oz: are you jumping on tonight, Dial a Shot? (11:40pm)
Dial: I can for a bit...but only if you have a request! (11:41pm)
Miss K. Oz: I am trying to think of something topic appropriate (11:44pm)
Dial: Lennon does My Mummys Dead?.?. (11:47pm)
Dial: 48 seconds long, though. Boo! (11:49pm)
Miss K. Oz: Heh (11:50pm)
Dial: Keep going. I can come up with tunes whenever. Tough topic to match. (11:53pm)
Dial: How about a tricycle? (11:55pm)
Dial: Or wagon? (11:55pm)
Miss K. Oz: Fun with Ropes - the Go-Gos! (12:01am)
Miss K. Oz: Venus in Furs - Velet Underground (12:03am)
Dial: Just cued it up. You kids keep going. Enjoying it. (12:03am)
Dial: Got them on both my channels now. (12:04am)
Miss K. Oz: Gnight Sex C people (12:10am)
Dial: Awww...Don't go! (12:12am)