Chatroom History
July 23, 2018 6:00pm - 8:29pm

Dial: Ramones, brother! Do it up! (6:13pm)
Dial!: If anyone does not honor your request, you should tell them to go fuck themselves. (7:27pm)
vj pussycat: great show stonehocker. all ramones all the time (7:33pm)
DJ Stonehocker: thanks pussycat! (7:37pm)
Dial: Whoever was pretending to be me can do exactly what they said. (7:46pm)
Dial: Hey, P! And yes, great show Stoney! (7:48pm)
John Hell: This show rocks! (7:53pm)
Dial: Hey, John! (7:58pm)
Dial: Hell yeah, brother!!! I got you! (8:14pm)
Dial: Lots of love back at you! (8:14pm)
John Hell: Seriously. Love you. Love your show (8:15pm)
Dial: LL!!! Awesome call. (8:15pm)
metatoaster: hola desde Tapachula, Mxico . missing that fog city. (8:15pm)
Dial: One of these days we will do a legendary show together. Cheers, my good man! (8:17pm)
Dial: All Sevens is a great theme. Super cool! (8:19pm)
Dial: Gotta sneak in a 10 here and there. Yee Ha! (8:22pm)
Dial: Incredible Chambers Brothers! (8:27pm)
John Hell: Hey Meta!!! The fog misses you (8:27pm)
John Hell: Dial, I would love to co-host a show with you (8:27pm)