Chatroom History
July 31, 2018 10:00pm - 12:30am

Hac Saw 789: My love of you never dates my Uncle! (10:21pm)
Derek Jones Fusher: I know that DJ Paulitics like my cousin..... marry her, Cornball!!! (10:27pm)
DJ Paulitics: All jokes aside, my Monkey ego needs a real brain to go inside his departure! (10:33pm)
Ghikey Huron: Yes, clamor me! (10:39pm)
Dial: Feeling the best life moment! (11:29pm)
Dial: Canoes and stars! Sounds amazing. (11:32pm)
Dial: Two cupcakes... (11:35pm)
Dial: Like nipple pasties... (11:35pm)
Dial: Only more edible! (11:35pm)
Big up, Dial.... let's ban misery!: Whatchu know bout edibles?! (11:38pm)
Dial: Apple Pie, you say? (11:39pm)
Dial: Man, i am so proud to be an American these days........ (11:40pm)
Dial: Macho Man and me in the same mention. What? (11:42pm)
Dial: Ohhhh Yeahhh (11:42pm)