Chatroom History
August 5, 2018 8:00am - 10:30am

Dial: Morning, Boy O. Cheers! (8:48am)
Dial: Loved the Patti and Debbie comparison. Nice! (8:55am)
Boy Orbison: Morning Dial! Thanks! It's a pretty apt way to describe their differences, I've always thought (8:57am)
Boy Orbison: How are things out your way? (8:58am)
Dial: Ok. Spent a little time at Lake Minnetonka. Always relaxing. (9:04am)
Dial: Time Warp when nobody is watching! (9:04am)
Boy Orbison: you better be time warping with me! (9:05am)
Boy Orbison: Lake Living when it's hot is the way to live! (9:05am)
Dial: Oh, I was warping for sure! (9:14am)
Boy Orbison: Awesome! (9:19am)
Dial: Funny. Warping for 3 minutes of quality cardio! (9:26am)
Boy Orbison: Gotta get it when you can! (9:27am)
Dial: Great show, Boy O! Catch ya later. Have a warping week! (10:01am)
Dial: Hey Denise! How are you, my friend? (10:20am)
DJB: Hiya Dial. Happily doing my thing. You? (10:22am)
Dial: Ok. Just enjoying you doing your thing. (10:28am)