Chatroom History
August 10, 2018 10:00pm - 1:30am

vj pussycat: yay (10:03pm)
Dr. Penny: Dr Hal is back at the mic! :)))))))))))) (10:04pm)
vj pussycat: blessed day (10:05pm)
vj pussycat: great hands they were (10:08pm)
vj pussycat: i'm melting (10:09pm)
vj pussycat: and it's smoky af (10:09pm)
vj pussycat: this is great. thx for sharing this. i miss philo (10:23pm)
EY : that was the "pre-Beat" poet Kenneth Rexroth, the emotional work Hal was reciting, fyi, everyone (11:31pm)
Dr. Penny: Then shalt thou delight thyself in the LORD. -- Isaiah 58:14 (12:07am)
uber!: Tired of ADH reruns? LIVE SPACE LAUNCH ON REloadio! (12:19am)
uber!: (12:19am)
vj pussycat: bless you (12:23am)
vj pussycat: can't you mix hal in (12:23am)
vj pussycat: pre space launch = boring (12:25am)
vj pussycat: fine i guess (12:28am)
vj pussycat: yea, but it's good (12:28am)
vj pussycat: but it's hsl (12:29am)
vj pussycat: typo (12:30am)
vj pussycat: he's live now (12:30am)
vj pussycat: c'mon, it's good stuff (12:31am)
vj pussycat: he has no guests. maybe you could get him to come over in 28 minutes (12:32am)
uber!: ok... good idea, but help me convince him to come DIRECT, not home first. How do we communicate to him? (12:34am)
vj pussycat: right here (12:34am)
uber!: he might think I am a ride share (12:34am)
uber!: I'm just excited to be here (12:34am)
vj pussycat: oh, there's that (12:34am)
vj pussycat: apply for a job there (12:46am)
uber!: Hal, you may come over now. Sincerely, REloadio. (12:58am)
vj pussycat: goodnight and good morning (12:58am)
uber!: do you need an UBER? (12:58am)
nexus9x9: does Hal even read this? (12:59am)
vj pussycat: he does (12:59am)
uber!: if nly he had an app (1:00am)
Doktor H. Owll: App? Crap. (1:03am)
Doktor H. Owll: Must respectfully-- and sadly, decline. (1:04am)
uber!: we can make it hard to decline (1:04am)
Doktor H. Owll: 'Tis a matter of Time, you see. (1:04am)
uber!: you need a PROPER debrief (1:05am)
vj pussycat: space force (1:07am)
Doktor H. Owll: With no Wellman or other means of pleasant transport, FIRST I gotta put everything to rights here in the bldg. THEN travel home, with my heavy stuff, THEN file it all away-- takes about an hour. This after whatever the duration of my trip homeward... Then I'd haveta hoof it over to the glittering Goldie residence, add 15-20 mins. for that, and... (1:07am)
Doktor H. Owll: -ng Goldie residence. (1:08am)
vj pussycat: he'll uber you (1:08am)
uber!: I'll pick you up in 8 minutes... (1:08am)
uber!: what is that place called Urban Attitude? (1:08am)
Doktor H. Owll: Too much time! Even I have things to do tomorrow, and sleep is a much-desired priority... (1:09am)
uber!: this he says to the person with 4 hrs sleep in the last 30 (1:09am)
vj pussycat: rest up good doc. maybe nestx week (1:09am)
Doktor H. Owll: I have an irritable roommate who WILL NOT ALLOW my stuff to be un-put away. (1:10am)
vj pussycat: and maybe you too other doc (1:10am)
vj pussycat: what a dick (1:10am)
uber!: leave the stuff in my car until next week... don't have to put it away!!! (1:11am)
uber!: none of my passengers will touch it (1:11am)
vj pussycat: haha (1:11am)
Doktor H. Owll: I love going to Reloadio, but all that I've described takes too long. The dangerous solitary journey through the demon streets comes next. But do listen to Reloadio, ever'body. (1:12am)
vj pussycat: watch out for all the drunk outsidelanders (1:12am)
uber!: he's acting like he isn't coming, isn't he (1:12am)
vj pussycat: i think he's not (1:13am)
vj pussycat: despite your generous offer (1:13am)
Doktor H. Owll: I will not willingly concede the reins, nor give another show my pride of place. (1:14am)
uber!: it's gong to take me another 16 minutes to launch this damn rocket (1:14am)
nexus9x9: When are they going to light this candle? I need to go to bed. (1:14am)
vj pussycat: you tell him dr hal (1:14am)
uber!: 15 min (1:15am)
Doktor H. Owll: Must depart the by-our-Lady Impact Hub and get home alive, 1st of all. (1:15am)
vj pussycat: indeed (1:15am)
vj pussycat: alive, key word (1:15am)
Doktor H. Owll: vj, come visit when I'm here. (1:15am)
vj pussycat: i will someday. probably see you on the playa before then (1:16am)
uber!: no bm this year... too hot (1:16am)
uber!: 12 min (1:16am)
vj pussycat: my house is too hot (1:16am)
vj pussycat: where's the link for this rocket launch (1:17am)
uber!: (1:17am)
uber!: sorry you missed all the DEAD AIR (1:17am)
Doktor H. Owll: I'm in a trailer provided by Flash in Art Car Camp. Come see my big show in CCC on Saturday, Burn Day @ 5-thirty (keyboard here hath no colon). (1:17am)
vj pussycat: thx, but i heard the dead air through reloadio (1:18am)
uber!: you're welcome (1:18am)
vj pussycat: how does it shit (1:18am)
vj pussycat: dam chat box (1:20am)
Doktor H. Owll: Thanks, everyone-- goo'night. Now to get home alive-o. (1:20am)
vj pussycat: thx dr hal (1:20am)
vj pussycat: good luck (1:20am)
vj pussycat: i will look for giant tv too (1:21am)
nexus9x9: nite hal (1:21am)
vj pussycat: good quality video on that nasa stream (1:22am)
uber!: cleanest dead air ever (1:23am)
vj pussycat: i like the cheap trick (1:23am)
vj pussycat: why did countdown clock stop (1:28am)
vj pussycat: why (1:28am)
vj pussycat: another 4 minutes (1:28am)
vj pussycat: how many times does that happen (1:29am)
nexus9x9: can you re-freeze a hot pocket? (1:29am)
vj pussycat: lame (1:29am)