Chatroom History
August 2, 2018 8:00pm - 11:02pm

turd ferguson: i so confused (9:11pm)
turd ferguson: oh now i understand (9:12pm)
timmmii: why? (9:12pm)
timmmii: things are changing. and i've been out of pocket due to baby obligations (9:12pm)
turd ferguson: read tweet that you were starting next thursday and missed the next saying a slot opened tonight (9:12pm)
timmmii: it was last minute (9:12pm)
turd ferguson: also, i thought it was wednesday today, which... doesn't help (9:13pm)
timmmii: i haven't done my show in 3 weeks. the opportunity came up (9:13pm)
timmmii: i grabbed it (9:13pm)
timmmii: thx for being here :) (9:13pm)
turd ferguson: AAAARGH i am dead (9:15pm)
timmmii: why? (9:18pm)
turd ferguson: i have reading comprehension problems, i thought you were starting thursdays next week but it's next month... sigh (9:19pm)
timmmii: it's confusing. it happened quickly. (9:20pm)
timmmii: i'm tuesdays 8-10pm through august. (9:20pm)
timmmii: i'm moving to thursday night slot officially in sept (9:21pm)
timmmii: but the slot is open a month early (9:21pm)
timmmii: so, tonight i wanted to dj (9:21pm)
timmmii: and here we are (9:21pm)
timmmii: i need the 8-10pm. my kid goes to bed at 730pm. (9:22pm)
turd ferguson: my main problem is that i didnt have notifications turned on for @downthe_well, i think i would not have gotten so spun around otherwise (9:24pm)
timmmii: ahhh (9:25pm)
timmmii: this track (9:48pm)
turd ferguson: house in LA? yeah (9:57pm)
turd ferguson: occupy RV (9:59pm)
timmmii: lol yes! (10:02pm)
timmmii: alrighty i'm out (10:43pm)
timmmii: soon (10:43pm)
turd ferguson: OK thanks for the extended play episode! (10:45pm)
timmmii: thanks for sticking around. (10:46pm)