Chatroom History
August 7, 2018 8:00pm - 10:20pm

Dial: Great to hear you back, Timmmii (8:12pm)
timmmii: thanks! (8:21pm)
Paulitics: Groove ride! (8:38pm)
Dial: Hey, Paulitics. Groovy it is! (8:42pm)
turd ferguson: prereleases on apple music are weird. this album keeps disappearing and reappearing... (8:51pm)
timmmii: jungle? (8:54pm)
timmmii: it's still there for me (8:54pm)
turd ferguson: yeah jungle... it apparently came back today, but on friday i was unable to play it (8:57pm)
timmmii: all the singles should still be there (8:58pm)
turd ferguson: yeh they are (9:00pm)
timmmii: yeeeah (9:35pm)
timmmii: the mr. fingers album is nice (9:35pm)
turd ferguson: thx and good night! (9:58pm)
timmmii: thank you! (10:03pm)
Kramer Four Forn: Get up with me, Paulitics.... KIki, do you love me? (10:15pm)