Chatroom History
August 22, 2018 6:00pm - 6:31pm

Dj Rocky: Welcome to the ruckus! (6:09pm)
Dj Rocky: with the tics and clips! (6:09pm)
Dial: Yo, Squirrel! (6:14pm)
Dj Rocky: hey dial sorry but the clipping is back as per (6:19pm)
Dial: Happened to me on Monday, too. (6:20pm)
Dj Rocky: sucks,,, wish i could say i was used to it not but alas no. (6:21pm)
Dial: On lots of shows now again (6:22pm)
Dial: Totally sucks (6:23pm)
Dial: But hey! You still sound great! (6:26pm)
Dj Rocky: Thanks brudder (6:27pm)
Dj Rocky: we carry on regardless with a stiff upper lip. (6:27pm)
Dj Rocky: that one sucked (6:27pm)
Dial: Love the shoutout and the sunshine track! (6:29pm)
Dj Rocky: thanks,,, hey you still dog sitting the irish wolfy (6:31pm)