Chatroom History
August 26, 2018 6:00pm - 8:28pm

Erik: Hello, how may I help you? (6:03pm)
AlodoesDishes: Order order order (7:00pm)
COREY: is this for real? (7:06pm)
AlodoesDishes: Yaas (7:30pm)
scot: tuned in at a dank time (7:42pm)
scot: sunshine dey yuh uh time fi di bus ridah (7:48pm)
COREY: anyone member when this show was fun? (7:51pm)
scot: zee book... of evik (7:53pm)
scot: and evil. nevermind (7:54pm)
Craven Rock: Fear of a Back Hat! Still Kicks Ass! (7:56pm)