Chatroom History
September 4, 2018 10:00pm - 12:29am

Michele K-tel: More Novos Blancos! (10:37pm)
Michele K-tel: um, Novos Baianos? (10:38pm)
Dial: Keep it positive, my friend! (10:42pm)
Dial: Summer is over and I still have had no Paulitics sightings in the Twin Cities. (10:45pm)
Paulitics: Haha... Summer ain't over yet... Summer officially ends on September 21st!... Live show in Twin Cities next Tuesday?!! (10:59pm)
Dial: Budweiser sounds refreshing! (11:03pm)
Dial: Lets discuss for sure. Cheers, brother! (11:06pm)
Dial: Malderor and Gatsby are coming out early October to do shows. Should be a fun time... (11:07pm)
Paulitics: Damn!!!... DJ Paulitics is a man of his wird,,, I'll go there soooner or later... What is the best beer in MSP?? (11:17pm)
Dial: Oh man! For domestic I%u2019d say Grain Belt. Summit was the firstt kinda micro brew. (11:29pm)
Dial: Bent Paddle in Duluth is incredible. (11:31pm)
Dial: Grain Belt shoutout! (11:33pm)
Dial: Surly and Dangerous Man are 2 good ones in Minneapolis. (11:34pm)
Dial: Spiral Brewery is recently opened by some friends. Damn great place. Road trip! (11:35pm)
Dial: 37 well spent (11:43pm)
Staggering High: REloadio next! (11:59pm)
Metaskeptik: Thanks for listening to my first show! (12:14am)
Dial: Hey, Metaskeptic! Welcome! (12:15am)
Metaskeptik: Thanks! (12:22am)
Metaskeptik: Have we met? (12:23am)
Metaskeptik: I sait in with Malderor and Cheap Hooch a few times (12:24am)
Dial: Malderor is a close friend. (12:29am)
Dial: You may know me as Dial-a-Shot (12:29am)