Chatroom History
September 9, 2018 4:00pm - 6:30pm

Dial: Hey now. Full crew today. Hi, guys!!! (4:03pm)
Li Po: hey Dial! (4:08pm)
Dial: Sounds great! Go Li Po, Go! (4:13pm)
gatsby fassbinder: what? li-po is djing?? (4:19pm)
Dial: Hell yeah (4:20pm)
gatsby fassbinder: hello!! (4:29pm)
gatsby fassbinder: dude trip!!!! (4:30pm)
Dial: Bring it on, boys!!! (4:30pm)
Dial: And yes, there is room for Joey, Holly. I have a hammock he can call his own. (4:33pm)
Li Po: Ticket giveaway - chat us up! (4:55pm)
Dial: Have a blast at the show, girls! (5:49pm)
fan o' the gents !: like the ladies, but bring on the men !!! (5:51pm)
fan o' the gents: did NOT mean to omit the one hysterically dunny lady you guys are kind enough to include on your show !! (5:57pm)
fan o' the gents: i meant to write FUNNY, not DUNNY (so much for a catholic education !!! (6:01pm)
A snake a snack: Those record scratches never get old - best theme (6:03pm)
Cory: hi (6:04pm)
Dancing Hisser: Every band records vocals too loud. #yesallbands (6:05pm)
Cory: tru (6:07pm)
Dial: Has there been a worse attempt at a Prince track, ever? Man! (6:16pm)
Dial: In his hometown. Fucking weird. (6:17pm)
Cory: lol (6:19pm)
fan o' the gents: fan o' the gents (6:25pm)
fan o' the gents: that was Kevin Costner's very first movie role - everything cut out except gi dead body parts (6:27pm)
Cory: lol (6:28pm)