Chatroom History
September 12, 2018 6:00pm - 6:32pm

DJ Rocky: we are controlling transmission (6:06pm)
Dial: Hey, Squirrel (6:11pm)
Dial: I am walking home, listening, and will keep you posted on my whereabouts. (6:12pm)
DJ Rocky: good evening sir. (6:12pm)
Dial: Do you have a drink in hand? (6:15pm)
DJ Rocky: why but of course (6:17pm)
DJ Rocky: bassacwards lol (6:19pm)
vj pussycat: hi rocky - i posted a msg on your fb page (6:21pm)
DJ Rocky: Hey VJP, Radio Ruckus or Radio Valencia? (6:22pm)
DJ Rocky: or my personal one (6:22pm)
Dial: If you give me 5, I can join you with one in hand. (6:23pm)
Dial: Maybe even double fist it... (6:23pm)
DJB: Great choice. Haven%u2019t heard this one in awhile. Switch to other device yet? (6:26pm)
vj pussycat: radio ruckus page (6:29pm)
vj pussycat: omg i love this song - been on a pf kick lately (6:29pm)
DJ Rocky: atom heart mother was my faveourite album to listen to on mushrooms as a kid. (6:29pm)
vj pussycat: it is a fucking great album. was on my turntable a couple days ago (6:30pm)
DJ Rocky: toast,,, i like toast! (6:30pm)
DJ Rocky: marmalade (6:30pm)
vj pussycat: i've got alan parsons project on there now, but next up is wish you were here (6:30pm)
DJ Rocky: I was really drunk at the time (6:31pm)