Chatroom History
September 14, 2018 10:00pm - 2:29am

TinkerTheHog: Oink Oink (10:03pm)
Rev. Filius: Sounding great, Dr. Hal. (10:13pm)
Rev. Filius: Please take care of yourself. (10:13pm)
Rev. Filius: The crowds call for Peppe. (10:14pm)
Rev. Filius: Pep-pe Pep-pe (10:15pm)
Rev. Filius: 500 mics in the studio (10:16pm)
Rev. Filius: no way there have to be people that refuse to use smartphones (10:22pm)
Rev. Filius: people like me (10:23pm)
Rev. Filius: people love Peppe (10:24pm)
Rev. Filius: Greatest Show on Earth (10:26pm)
Rev. Filius: and it's just me and the pig. (10:26pm)
Rev. Filius: Teen falls to death in Yosemite National Park while reportedly taking selfie (10:32pm)
Rev. Filius: U N I T (10:35pm)
Rev. Filius: Great to hear questions on Ask Dr. Hal (10:37pm)
Rev. Filius: hahaha (10:45pm)
Cligoderm: hohohohoh (11:05pm)
Cligoderm: PuzzEv ok? (11:06pm)
Cligoderm: Whres Real Odio? (11:06pm)
Dr Hal: "I just figured it out." (11:07pm)
Dr Hal: with M Peppe tonight. u'll sea (11:08pm)
vj pussycat: hi. i'm at a gig so i can't listen. i'll post pic (11:13pm)
everything works at REloadio: will puzzling evildunce bring in REloadio? (11:17pm)
everything works at REloadio: also, everyone is at the Reno Mrrmen "show" (11:18pm)
TinkerTheHog: Oink Oink (11:24pm)
Dr Hal: Not receevin real Audio sig. NAL (11:25pm)
Dr Hal: (11:26pm)
TinkerTheHog: Pigs have poor eyesight and are more likely to identify eachother by scent or sound. Oink Oink (11:28pm)
Live Falcon: (11:36pm)
rugbyrne: Karloff 54...where are you? (11:36pm)
rugbyrne: skerritt (11:42pm)
Staggering High: REloadio is live (11:43pm)
rugbyrne: ...and leave Mitch Miller??! (11:45pm)
Staggering High: I agree with Michael Peppe... MARK THIS DATE (11:49pm)
Live Falcon: PuzzEther (11:56pm)
Staggering High: why no REloadio, Pevidence (12:03am)
rugbyrne: the aesthetic is static (12:04am)
little listener: hahaha (12:08am)
Staggering High: 100,000,000,000,000 or go home! (12:09am)
little listener: S T O P (12:13am)
little listener: OMG (12:13am)
Dr. Penny: Wide awake at the radio helm (12:15am)
Staggering High: I have questions for Dr Hal (12:15am)
Staggering High: (12:15am)
Sho Nuff: All Fake Show. (12:24am)
Food Tapes: we are good.It's good. (12:25am)
Staggering High: ALL FAKE (12:25am)
ALL FAKE: is staggering HIGH!!!!! (12:26am)
Star Lounge: is just for you (12:27am)
Mercury: Leaf mee outta tis! (12:27am)
Face Force: how is this possible? (12:35am)
Dr. Penny: Dr. Goldie is landing the martian cockroaches at Oakland airport. (12:36am)
Mercury: RE: (12:36am)
Mercury: Loadio dropt uot. (12:37am)
Re:: loadio drammed off. (12:37am)
Staggering High: fixed (12:38am)
Dr. Penny: milktoast LSD (12:39am)
Staggering High: I have another question for Dr Hal (12:39am)
Staggering High: (12:39am)
Staggering High: I'll ask on REloadion (12:41am)
Rev. Filius: FBI evacuated observatory (12:45am)
Rev. Filius: Blackhawk helicopter touched down (12:46am)
Rev. Filius: hilarious (12:47am)
Dr. Penny: Perhaps the Xists have landed at the xisturvatory. (12:48am)
Re:: Puzzling Evidence (12:49am)
Rev. Filius: Scientists took pictures of Xist ship (12:49am)
Dr. Penny: Doylestown feast in the Sylon hanger. (12:54am)
Rev. Filius: so great (12:54am)
The Whole Country: We GREAT AGAIN!!! (12:58am)
The Whole Country: WE GRATE AGIN!!!!! (12:59am)
Well,: can you? (12:59am)
Dr. Penny: loony liberals have lost their minds over statues. (1:00am)
Well,: Thanks Reluddites and Godd NIGHT!!!! (1:00am)
Pleatners: crazy show man (1:01am)
Pleatners: wheres the sylon hangar? (1:01am)
Staggering High: here (1:01am)
Dr. Penny: Liberal fascists (1:02am)
Staggering High: im in it... weird (1:02am)
Pleatners: maintain.....mantain.... (1:03am)
Dr. Penny: Hollywood pyrotechnics (1:12am)
Alter: Cleaning-up Leipzig after the Dresden/Leipzig raid, my father saw iron burning. (1:16am)
Alter: He and his fellow P.W.s were glad; they were all down to about 100 lbs by then. I know it was a war-crime, but I can't expect them to have felt any different. (1:18am)
Alter: On the third hand, Nazism was built on the notion that Germany hadn't 'really' lost the Great War, and in the end its only ideologies were racism and victory, so complete proof that 'inferior' races had very definitely beaten them was the only way to beat it, at least for seventy years. 'That is not dead%u2026.' (1:22am)
Alter: %u2026t is not dead%u2026.' (1:25am)
Alter: [Sorry]...t is not dead....' [This interface hates proper ellipses.] (1:26am)
vj pussycat: is it still show? (1:28am)
vj pussycat: it is!! (1:29am)
vj pussycat: i can't hear it yet. don't stop. is that michael peppe? (1:30am)
Dr. Penny: intestine like a Doylestown cow (1:32am)
Staggering High: true (1:37am)
Staggering High: Im here (1:39am)
Rev. Filius: input levels always rise as the Show goes on (1:42am)
Rev. Filius: high in calories (1:44am)
Dr. Penny: KGOLD (1:45am)
Rev. Filius: 5MW? (1:46am)
The audience: wha....r.....u.....duking....? (1:54am)
Rev. Filius: nothing better (1:57am)
Rev. Filius: nothing would not be better (1:57am)
Rev. Filius: turn off everything (1:59am)
Rev. Filius: but Show (1:59am)