Chatroom History
September 19, 2018 12:00am - 2:58am

Metaskeptik: Hi all (12:09am)
Metaskeptik: I don't know why.... (12:16am)
TinkerTheHog: Put Gloria De Riva on the democratic ticket and they'd have my vote, but a leftist latina has no home in the democratic party... (12:27am)
Metaskeptik: I've never been a registered democrat (12:31am)
Metaskeptik: Bill Clinton sold them out (12:31am)
Metaskeptik: IMHO (12:32am)
TinkerTheHog: California's "open primaries" are the logical endpoint of the two party system. (12:33am)
TinkerTheHog: The inland empire chooses between 2 republicans for state reps, LA gets 2 democrats. Full representation. (12:33am)
Metaskeptik: I think getting rid of the electoral college would help too (12:35am)
Metaskeptik: Arcane bullshit (12:35am)
Metaskeptik: Love talkng politics and DJ at the same time :) (12:37am)
Metaskeptik: (fistbump emoji) (12:37am)
TinkerTheHog: First past the post is a bigger problem, or else you get people voting the "lesser evil" candidate, thinking this will somehow result in a net loss of evil. (12:38am)
Metaskeptik: The UK has that problem too (12:41am)
Metaskeptik: Brexit, such a nightmare (12:41am)
Metaskeptik: Tell me something Good! (12:43am)
Metaskeptik: Wait for the next set, so for the GOP (12:44am)
TinkerTheHog: I mean Trump and Clinton both road with Epstein on the "lolita express" and totally got away with it. . . (12:48am)
Metaskeptik: Yup (12:49am)
Metaskeptik: WHY DO LIBERALS LOVE CLINTON? (12:49am)
Metaskeptik: I hate Easy-E (12:52am)
TinkerTheHog: If Biggie actually fought Dre in honorable combat he'd be dead instead, imo (12:52am)
TinkerTheHog: errr Sug that is (12:53am)
TinkerTheHog: Fuckin ran a dude down with his truck (12:53am)
Metaskeptik: Yeah, I just hate rap that says three things (12:56am)
Metaskeptik: I'm a gangster, I have a big dick, I forget the third (12:56am)
Metaskeptik: I love this song... (12:56am)
Metaskeptik: maybe there's not a third thing, lol (12:57am)
Metaskeptik: sigh (1:01am)
TinkerTheHog: Requesting The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy's cover of California ber Alles (1:03am)
TinkerTheHog: This was we can achieve peak California. (1:03am)
TinkerTheHog: This way (1:04am)
TinkerTheHog: Uber Alles* I guess unicode gets stripped. . . (1:04am)
Metaskeptik: I would love too, but new at this (1:07am)
Metaskeptik: internet isn't woking right now (1:11am)
Metaskeptik: and the AC is cranked? really cold in here. (1:12am)
Metaskeptik: can't find the controls (1:12am)
Metaskeptik: Still hearing me out there? (1:19am)
Metaskeptik: little green dial is not doing much (1:20am)
Paulitics: ...Good stuff...good show... and it is a good soundtrack to my Muni ride home... Grazie! (1:37am)
Metaskeptik: Thanks Man (1:43am)
Metaskeptik: Maybe I'll show up a little earlier next week (1:43am)
Metaskeptik: if I can. (1:44am)
Metaskeptik: Get off at 11 (1:44am)
Metaskeptik: and i haven't found the AC controls (1:44am)
Metaskeptik: cold in here (1:45am)
Paulitics: That's the first time I've ever felt AC in there... It's unusual... Hopefully, it won't happen again...hahha (1:48am)
Metaskeptik: No problem (1:54am)
Metaskeptik: Thanks for listening dude (1:54am)
Metaskeptik: I'll try to catch your show next week. Kinda hard though (1:55am)
Metaskeptik: last few hours of work can be busy (1:55am)
Paulitics: Radiohead reggae and jazz.... Nice! (1:58am)
Metaskeptik: Thanks amn (2:03am)
Metaskeptik: man (2:03am)
Metaskeptik: just keeping it perky (2:03am)
Paulitics: ....these are a few of my favorite things..... !!! (2:08am)
Metaskeptik: Yes these songs are (2:10am)