Chatroom History
October 7, 2018 4:00pm - 6:29pm

Dial: Hey, Hooches! (4:06pm)
Li Po: HI (4:11pm)
Dial: Who has the steering wheel this week? (4:16pm)
Li Po: Both Holly and I. (4:17pm)
Dial: Beautiful! (4:19pm)
Dial: Well then, hi ladies! (4:19pm)
Metaskeptik: Digging these tunes (4:23pm)
Dial: And that includes Joey! Extra cheers! (4:37pm)
malderor: 2112 (4:46pm)
Erik: Hi! (6:04pm)
MURPHAY!: Yoooooo (6:05pm)
Seth K: Hello strangers! <3 (6:17pm)
Erik: sup seth (6:19pm)
Seth K: Hello baby boy Erik~ (6:21pm)
AlodoesDishes: Hi hi (6:25pm)