Chatroom History
September 2, 2018 8:00am - 10:30am

Dial: Morning, my friend. (8:01am)
Dial: Happy Bday! Go for it. Play it all. (8:05am)
Boy Orbison: Thank you Dial! It's gonna be Full Blown Spectrum this morning! (8:08am)
Boy Orbison: I'm happy to be spending it with you, amigo (8:09am)
Dial: Maybe Denise will bring a cake!!! (8:14am)
Dial: I kinda remember 35. (8:17am)
Dial: Great Diana call! (8:26am)
Boy Orbison: I love that Diana track! (8:36am)
Boy Orbison: I'm sure 35 want too long ago..... (8:36am)
Dial: Shit, 9 years and counting. Ouchie! (8:39am)
Boy Orbison: Ok that's fair....I barely remember 26 (8:41am)
Dial: Loving the selections. Nice party mix. (8:45am)
Boy Orbison: Thank you. I've literally been rocking out! (8:48am)
Dial: Great. Sleater-Kinney rocking it. (8:56am)
Boy Orbison: S+K is the Best (9:13am)
Dial: Killer shy. Hope you get to do cool stuff for your day. Cheers! (9:57am)
Marco Middlesex (The Stranded Playlist): Goodmorning Denise, hope you're doing well I won't be in to do a live show today I pre-recorded it on Weds just to let you know! Hugs & gratitude love!! ; - } (10:18am)
DJB: Got it. have a great day. (10:24am)