Chatroom History
October 21, 2018 4:00pm - 5:59pm

Li Po: Cheep hooch will be delayed getting started, but Malderor and Dial should keep playing until we get thinga sorted out (4:00pm)
malderor: we'll keep playing until we keel over./ (4:00pm)
Li Po: Impact hub should have gotten this taken care of withing 24 hours of the problem (4:01pm)
Dial: Malderor is killing it with the music! We will hold down the fort! (4:05pm)
Metaskeptik: Nice! \m/ (4:08pm)
Dial: Rock it, Metaskeptic! I thought you had a backup key?!?! (4:18pm)
moonman: radio valenica cohorts reloadio plays aoutmatically in my itunes for some reason (4:30pm)
moonman: nice fx (4:31pm)
malderor: welcome Cheap Hooch! (4:31pm)
Li Po: Thank you both for covering while we working on breaking into the studio (4:35pm)
malderor: we figured you hooligans would get the job done. (4:44pm)
Metaskeptik: No backup key here, I%u2019m the show after Paul (4:57pm)
Metaskeptik: Hi Netzard! (5:16pm)