Chatroom History
October 26, 2018 10:00am - 12:39pm

Dj Rocky: It%u2019s ffffaaaaccccoooo Friday!!! (10:16am)
Dial: There he is. Man, I was getting worried about you, Faco! (10:23am)
Dial: Hey Squirrel (10:27am)
itsfaco: wasssup Yall (10:28am)
itsfaco: the (10:28am)
itsfaco: big (10:28am)
itsfaco: man (10:28am)
itsfaco: is (10:28am)
itsfaco: HERE (10:28am)
itsfaco: shouts (10:28am)
itsfaco: out (10:28am)
itsfaco: to (10:28am)
itsfaco: all (10:28am)
Dial: Whew! (10:29am)
Dial: Gots the makings of an overtime show for the big man! (10:33am)
Dj Rocky: It wouldnt be Friday without FACO!!! (10:45am)
Dj Rocky: Whaddup Dialio (10:45am)
Dial: Such a hilarious food bit. Classic! (10:50am)
itsfaco: wassup Dj Rocky (10:52am)
Dial: Yo buddy! Yeah, It is definitely not the same start to the weekend without our boy!!! (10:52am)
itsfaco: thx (10:52am)
itsfaco: for (10:52am)
itsfaco: listening (10:52am)
Dial: Always (10:52am)
Dj Rocky: Yeah Faco always talks good gets me hungry for lunchtime (10:54am)
Dj Rocky: Food not good (10:54am)
Dial: Too bad you couldnt get in to get a Fenway Frank! (11:07am)
Dj Rocky: Lololol @ roofy someone (11:08am)
Dial: Affleck, Wahlberg, Damon are all local fans (11:09am)
Dial: Conan Obrien of course, too. (11:10am)
Dial: Amy Poehler (11:10am)
Dial: Denis Leary (11:11am)
Dial: Steven Wright (11:11am)
Dial: Michael Chiklis! (11:13am)
Dial: All Mass people (11:13am)
Dial: I was born there, too. So put me on the Red Sox celebrity fan list, too (11:14am)
Dial: Oh...both James Taylor and Stephen King. Be fun to see them at a Sox game together! (11:18am)
itsfaco: hahaha (11:25am)
Dial: Didnt you see Zola Jesus a while back? (11:32am)
itsfaco: yup yup it was dope (11:34am)
itsfaco: shes a brewers fan (11:34am)
Dial: Damn. I was pulling for the Brewers (11:39am)
Dial: You two could have gone to a game together. (11:41am)
Dial: Overtime! Bring it!!! (12:13pm)
the professional: nice caught your overtime bro (12:17pm)