Chatroom History
November 4, 2018 2:00pm - 4:30pm

malderor: hello, i guess. (2:08pm)
malderor: did you introduce me to this song, dial-a-shot? (2:14pm)
Dial: I believe so. I dig it! (2:17pm)
Dial: Hey Deathwish (2:36pm)
Dial: Man! Give me some good news, boys. (2:39pm)
malderor: pitchers and catchers report Feb 13. (2:46pm)
Dial: That is good news (2:51pm)
malderor: weird dropouts on this track. do not adjust your sets. it's on this end. (2:53pm)
TinkerTheHog: Oink Oink I'd probably donate if Erin didn't ban me lmao (3:07pm)
TinkerTheHog: Yo Erin if the station goes down I'm blaming you personally :) (3:09pm)
Dial: Neurotic yes. Sensual?...jury has been out for a while. (3:42pm)
Dial: Eternal gratitude for all!!! (3:58pm)
Dial: Hey, the girls are all there! And a box of Rose!?!? Pajama party! (4:05pm)
malderor: tune in to reloadio, kids! it's the way forward! (4:09pm)
Dial: Nice Soundgarden call. (4:10pm)
malderor: and...i'm leaving (4:29pm)