Chatroom History
November 5, 2018 8:00pm - 10:29pm

Dial: Damn. I missed the show. (8:03pm)
John Hell: Too bad for you, fella (8:05pm)
John Hell: He played at the Turf CLub in St Paul (8:05pm)
Dial: Damn! Awesome small venue (8:10pm)
Dial: Sure he killed it there!!! (8:11pm)
John Hell: I have a great audience copy of the show (8:43pm)
John Hell: Maybe I'll play some tonight (8:43pm)
Perfect_Timing: White meat... dark meat... all will be carved... Thanksgiving. (10:22pm)
Perfect_Timing: Eli Roth%u2019s fake Thanksgiving trailer (10:24pm)
Perfect_Timing: Yes (10:24pm)
Perfect_Timing: Wanda Lust as naked pilgrim... (10:26pm)
Perfect_Timing: Zombeavers (10:27pm)
Perfect_Timing: Galaxy of Terror has a woman raped to death by a giant space maggot. (10:28pm)