Chatroom History
November 1, 2018 8:00pm - 10:31pm

Dial: Only angry if you fuck with their friends or family. Super sweet culture. (8:01pm)
timmmii: yes (8:10pm)
timmmii: indeedy (8:10pm)
DJ Poopy Butt: great tunes (8:51pm)
timmmii: thanks (8:52pm)
turd ferguson: hell ya (8:52pm)
turd ferguson: gonna have to review, had to go to treasure island and the cell reception was bad there, missed a bunch (8:53pm)
timmmii: check twitter @downthe_well, shows all tracks i play in real time (8:54pm)
turd ferguson: yeah i have it open :) (8:55pm)
timmmii: check out TVAM (8:56pm)
timmmii: this track by Lone is insane (8:57pm)
turd ferguson: matt cutler is a genius... all the way back to Lemurian (9:00pm)
timmmii: indeed (9:00pm)
timmmii: there's a new 808 state remix of that track i played (9:00pm)
timmmii: pulsar (9:00pm)
turd ferguson: wow have to check that out (9:01pm)
timmmii: ah, wait. not the track i played (9:02pm)
timmmii: (9:02pm)
turd ferguson: even better, Temples is also a great track! (9:06pm)
Dial: Just been tripping out and enjoying, Timmmii. Cheers! (9:08pm)
timmmii: thx! (9:08pm)
JK Lidlicker: mor bobs plz (10:05pm)
nobodyouwantoknow: Play it again, Sambo ! (10:27pm)