Chatroom History
November 25, 2018 2:00pm - 4:29pm

Dial: Hey there. (2:06pm)
malderor: howdy (2:07pm)
Dial: Off and running now (2:19pm)
malderor: a bit jumbly, this first bit. as always. (2:19pm)
Dial: Well when mics are plugged into imaginary places that is a big help. (2:22pm)
Dial: Dug that Suede track (2:33pm)
malderor: played it by accident, as i hadn't had a chance to cue it. (2:36pm)
malderor: didn't regret it. (2:36pm)
malderor: meant to play the flipside, but whatever. (2:37pm)
Dial: Sweet live version of Bhindi Bhagee (2:37pm)
malderor: on vinyl. (2:38pm)
Dial: Nice set (2:43pm)
malderor: this is awesome, ESB. (3:46pm)
Dial: Hell yeah Li Po. Love Buzz. An all time favorite! (4:07pm)
Li Po: Hi Dial! (4:14pm)
Dial: Welcome back (4:20pm)
Dial: From vacation (4:20pm)