Chatroom History
November 17, 2018 12:00pm - 2:25pm

!LAM!: Hi Jody!!\m/ (12:28pm)
!LAM!: you are the Mid-day Mistress of Metal!! \m/ (12:28pm)
Todd: \m/ (12:28pm)
!LAM!: Toddster!! (12:29pm)
!LAM!: Hey Jody! Todd and the LAM will be at the Necrot show tonight at the Elbo Room SF! it's a beer release party!!!! (12:30pm)
!LAM!: Black Metal Matters!! (1:01pm)
DJ Jody: Hey dudes!!! Ahh, I won't be able to go. Have fun for me!!! (1:07pm)
!LAM!: can we request a Necrot song??!! (1:32pm)
DJ Jody: Oh course! (1:34pm)