Chatroom History
November 25, 2018 6:00pm - 8:27pm

Cory: hi (6:05pm)
Aloedoesdishes: Colors (6:15pm)
Kevin E!: No cranberry!?!? (6:17pm)
Aloedoesdishes: Nope (6:17pm)
Aloedoesdishes: You can interpret it into yours : ) (6:18pm)
FEMA: wats it gonna take to keep ill con on da air? (6:18pm)
FEMA: who do I have to blow? (6:19pm)
FEMA: seriously, this suuuuuccccckkkkksssss!!!!!!! (6:19pm)
You will be alright : ok (6:25pm)
You will be alright : Its gonna be fine (6:25pm)
Kevin E!: Mowri Thrash; a better name (6:26pm)
Kevin E!: Redding? Redwood City? (6:32pm)
Kevin E!: He was there Saturday. Had back spasms Friday (6:38pm)
Kevin E!: We had Cumbia Saturday, YEAH! (6:40pm)
Kevin E!: LOS ANGELAS (6:42pm)
Kevin E!: McGuinn RESPECT (6:45pm)
Kevin E!: Artest (6:54pm)
Kevin E!: World Peace (6:54pm)
Kevin E!: Bud Selig (6:55pm)
Kevin E!: Tell Her No (7:19pm)
Kevin E!: BOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (7:22pm)
Aloedoesdishes: Aloedoesdishes (7:45pm)
Aloedoesdishes: Hi (7:45pm)
Kevin E!: AHelllo (7:50pm)
Al's Dad: "Well who doesn't?" (7:52pm)
Erik: Jon Bon Anchovies lolll (7:59pm)