Chatroom History
November 29, 2018 8:00pm - 10:45pm

ed: timmmii! it's bean a long time, dude... sounding epic as usual. (8:06pm)
ed: :) (8:07pm)
ed: sounds as good in germany as it does in long beach! (8:08pm)
timmmii: nice! (8:09pm)
turd ferguson: not seeing any tweets...? did the DTW canary die? (8:20pm)
timmmii: i forgot to retweet @downthe_well (8:20pm)
timmmii: oh, you mean tonight (8:21pm)
timmmii: working on it (8:21pm)
turd ferguson: ya (8:21pm)
turd ferguson: thar she blows (8:22pm)
hey ya, turd...: ed (8:22pm)
hey ya, turd...: hey ya, turd (8:23pm)
turd ferguson: is there an echo in here? :) (8:24pm)
ed: Sorry... some technical issues... (8:24pm)
turd ferguson: yeah that happens to me all the time... login/chat UI confusing (8:25pm)
ed: huh huh... ha ha (8:25pm)
ed: fer sure (8:25pm)
ed: ;) (8:26pm)
timmmii: yes the chat thing is confusing (8:35pm)
ed: been enjoying plusculaar, lately... (8:43pm)
timmmii: don't know it (8:46pm)
timmmii: i'll check it out (8:47pm)
ed: thought you turned me on to him... somewhat minimal, does a great track called 'slander' (8:47pm)
ed: Cool (8:48pm)
timmmii: it's possible (8:49pm)
ed: i'm gonna try djing in trier, tim... gathering equipment in the meantime (8:50pm)
turd ferguson: did you see this: (8:55pm)
turd ferguson: cripes i think my data is corrupted by my wife using the appleTV to listen to music (8:57pm)
turd ferguson: i didnt listen to Sunglasses at Night no 35 times (8:58pm)
timmmii: uh oh (8:58pm)
timmmii: 35 times (8:58pm)
timmmii: oh wow that link is great (8:58pm)
turd ferguson: i had downloaded my data out of curiosity a few weeks back (8:59pm)
turd ferguson: in my defense, Most played artist 1: Ulrich Schnauss (9:00pm)
ed: ooooo... i like ulrich. love hearing you struggle to pronounce some of these artists..:) (9:03pm)
timmmii: hahah (9:06pm)
timmmii: my most listened to artist: Boards of Canada (9:06pm)
timmmii: over the last 13 years (9:06pm)
timmmii: per (9:06pm)
turd ferguson: yes i would say that must be true for me as well (9:06pm)
ed: oh, me too... love boc (9:06pm)
turd ferguson: i dont know when i stopped pushing to (9:07pm)
timmmii: 2. Tycho (9:07pm)
timmmii: 3. The Beatles (9:07pm)
timmmii: 4. Miles Davis (9:07pm)
timmmii: 5. Rolling Stones (9:07pm)
ed: black moth super rainbow (9:08pm)
ed: tame impala (9:09pm)
turd ferguson: oct 2015 it seems, i think i never reset the password when they got hacked years ago (9:09pm)
ed: daft punk (9:09pm)
timmmii: i like BMSR (9:09pm)
timmmii: their latest album is meh (9:09pm)
ed: haven't heard it yet (9:09pm)
ed: i was in watts when miles died... i love him (9:10pm)
turd ferguson: well it would appear i have no Fing idea how to use anymore lol (9:13pm)
turd ferguson: oh there we go, #1 BMSR, #2 BoC, #3 Tobacco #4 Caribou #5 TVOTR (9:14pm)
timmmii: nice (9:20pm)
turd ferguson: the boc twitter account tweeted something so now everyone's freaking out again (9:23pm)
timmmii: really? (9:23pm)
timmmii: i didn't see that (9:24pm)
turd ferguson: yeah they tweeted a (the?) video for Pete Standing Alone and tagged some university in the tweet (9:24pm)
timmmii: ah (9:25pm)
ed: awesome ... the date of their next album is hidden in some of the backwards masking... (9:30pm)
timmmii: oh wow (9:31pm)
ed: you heard the orb... omg (9:33pm)
ed: turd... nice choices (9:33pm)
ed: add up the #'s in aquarius...1986 (9:36pm)
timmmii: what's significance of 1986? (9:43pm)
turd ferguson: must have something to do with david koresh (only half kidding) (9:44pm)
timmmii: (9:45pm)
timmmii: Slag Boom Van Loon (9:45pm)
turd ferguson: queued (9:46pm)
ed: yeah... something profound must have happened that year... (9:46pm)
timmmii: maybe they started recording then? (9:49pm)
timmmii: the early demos date to late 80s (9:50pm)
timmmii: though they would've been in high school (9:50pm)
ed: they listen to a lot of dub and raggae here in deutscheland (9:50pm)
timmmii: i know because i'm same age as one of the brothers (9:50pm)
ed: ah.. (9:51pm)
ed: great fucking set. (9:56pm)
timmmii: thank you (9:58pm)
timmmii: please check this Laibach album (9:59pm)
timmmii: The Sound of Music (9:59pm)
timmmii: with a North Korea backdrop (9:59pm)
timmmii: it's beyond weird (9:59pm)
turd ferguson: yeah laibach is crazy (10:00pm)
turd ferguson: mary lou retton didnt stand a chance against that east german music (10:02pm)
turd ferguson: until next week! (10:03pm)
timmmii: one more (10:04pm)
timmmii: ok, two more (10:07pm)
turd ferguson: interesting, this song contains the original sample of the backmasked thing in A Beautiful Place Out In The Country? (10:13pm)
timmmii: does it? (10:14pm)
timmmii: all the vocal stuff is david koresh related (10:14pm)
turd ferguson: (10:15pm)
turd ferguson: very hard to hear though (10:15pm)
turd ferguson: sorry i guess it's in 1969 (10:15pm)
vj pussycat: this song has koresh? (10:16pm)
timmmii: koresh-related commentary (10:16pm)
vj pussycat: wow, what a trip (10:16pm)
turd ferguson: boards of canada seem to be obsessed with david koresh (10:17pm)
timmmii: from people in the compound (10:17pm)
timmmii: maybe (10:17pm)
vj pussycat: really. interesting. no other cults or leaders? just koresh? (10:18pm)
timmmii: i think it was a temporary thing (10:18pm)
timmmii: the track (10:18pm)
vj pussycat: a koresh phase (10:18pm)
timmmii: from 2001 (10:18pm)
timmmii: right (10:18pm)
vj pussycat: ok (10:18pm)
vj pussycat: krob has the best gifs ever (10:20pm)
gnome alone: i like the ones with "bob" (10:24pm)
vj pussycat: of course you do (10:25pm)
gnome alone: loved this film (10:25pm)
gnome alone: starring "bob" (10:26pm)
gnome alone: krob is a bluesman (10:27pm)
gnome alone: Fast, safe and secure file hosting (10:28pm)