Chatroom History
December 5, 2018 12:00am - 3:41am

Metaskeptik: This and that (12:24am)
Metaskeptik: Punk, funk, hip hop and some weird stuff (12:24am)
Dial: Apologies for the late arrival, Meta. Cheers! (12:24am)
Metaskeptik: Cool dude (12:25am)
Metaskeptik: Thanks for listeing (12:25am)
Metaskeptik: sucks i can't listen at work (12:25am)
Metaskeptik: we have weird healthcare computers (12:25am)
Metaskeptik: had to untanlge lots tonght (12:27am)
Metaskeptik: untangle cables (12:27am)
Metaskeptik: messy (12:27am)
Metaskeptik: How are you dude? (12:34am)
Dial: Tangled Cables and Work? Boo. Sounds pretty shitty in my little world. (12:44am)
Metaskeptik: Like my job, I'm a mental health nurse fyi (12:44am)
Metaskeptik: i hate tangled cables (12:44am)
Dial: I would fly in and fix things. But alas, there is no money in the budget... (12:46am)
Metaskeptik: got any requests? (12:46am)
Metaskeptik: no prob (12:46am)
Dial: Oh, I am good. Thanks. (12:46am)
Metaskeptik: want a mellow or some rocking shit? (12:47am)
Dial: Responding to How are you dide? (12:47am)
Dial: Dude (12:48am)
Metaskeptik: ok (12:48am)
Dial: I can come up with a request. Give my pea brain a couple minutes/cocktails... (12:48am)
Dial: You better be going extra late night tonight!!! (12:50am)
Metaskeptik: No prob (12:50am)
Metaskeptik: left at 3 last time (12:50am)
Metaskeptik: Had to play this classic (12:54am)
Dial: Dick Dale (12:56am)
Dial: Third Stone (12:56am)
Dial: From the sun (12:57am)
Metaskeptik: got ot (12:58am)
Dial: Dig it, brother! (1:00am)
Metaskeptik: i like (1:06am)
Dial: Nicely done! (1:07am)
Metaskeptik: Thanks dude (1:14am)
Metaskeptik: Feel like I'm getting the hang of this (1:15am)
Dial: Sounds great!!$ (1:19am)
Dial: And yeah, it is getting fucking cold here (1:22am)
Dial: And yes it is getting (1:22am)
Dial: Chat is not working (1:23am)
Dial: Anyway...guess it is now. So, I can just keep chatting (1:24am)
Metaskeptik: commence air drumming (1:25am)
Dial: Oh, I am breaking a sweat with the air drums. (1:27am)
Metaskeptik: hahaha (1:28am)
Metaskeptik: as you should (1:29am)
Metaskeptik: Go Raiders! (1:36am)
Dial: Satriani sweating it out too! (1:41am)
Metaskeptik: for sure (1:41am)
Metaskeptik: wait for the next one, curveball (1:41am)
Dial: Swing and a homerun! (1:47am)
Metaskeptik: Thanks (1:49am)
Dial: You mentioned Flanahans. (1:56am)
Dial: Ever meet Jill that worked there? (1:57am)
Metaskeptik: No, I don't think so (1:57am)
Metaskeptik: Just Annette, Molly, and Emily (1:57am)
Dial: Friend of mine that still bartends at the Elks (1:58am)
Dial: She definitely had some good stories about that place (1:59am)
Metaskeptik: I've been to the Elks (2:01am)
Metaskeptik: Perhaps I've met her, sorta (2:01am)
Metaskeptik: Poured me a drink (2:02am)
Dial: Change your show name back if you feel like entering stuff. (2:03am)
Metaskeptik: just did (2:03am)
Metaskeptik: funny how after two, listeners go up (2:07am)
Dial: Dig the jazz, my friend. (2:08am)
Metaskeptik: Yeah, I'm kind of a theory nerd (2:10am)
Metaskeptik: Melvins, so weird, right? (2:11am)
Dial: Little bit. (2:15am)
Dial: With theory I would not be surprised if you threw Queensryche in there. (2:16am)
Metaskeptik: oh yeah, stone cold crazy (2:18am)
Metaskeptik: my job! (2:18am)
Metaskeptik: Q :) (2:21am)
Dial: Fucking shit is right! (2:26am)
Dial: Sweet (2:26am)
Metaskeptik: \m/ (2:27am)
Metaskeptik: i'm never gonna get out of here! (2:27am)
Metaskeptik: happily! (2:27am)
Dial: Keep rolling, brother! (2:31am)
Metaskeptik: putting rain gear on... (2:36am)
Metaskeptik: but I got a few more (2:36am)
Dial: Digging whatever you can throw down. (2:39am)
Metaskeptik: I hate listening to tighten up your wig reruns (2:41am)
Metaskeptik: the same one, all the time (2:41am)
Dial: Gatsby is such a great friend of mine. (2:41am)
Dial: But the rerun system is so fucked up. (2:42am)
Dial: A weird time warp thing. Robo DJ should just kick in. It is so much better than it was before (2:44am)
Dial: At least you get random things that sound good. (2:45am)
Metaskeptik: Glad you Dig (2:53am)
Dial: Loving the Jeff Beck. Nice!!! (2:54am)
Metaskeptik: Gracias Amigo (2:57am)
Dial: And, SRV! (3:00am)
Metaskeptik: These are guys I went to college with (3:03am)
Metaskeptik: Still sounds so good (3:04am)
Dial: Awesome! (3:05am)
Metaskeptik: Alright, I'm out (3:06am)
Metaskeptik: Thanks for listening dude (3:06am)
Metaskeptik: see you next week (3:06am)
Dial: Definitely. Have a great one. (3:07am)
Dial: I may play a couple tracks for fun. (3:07am)
Metaskeptik: Do it (3:09am)
Metaskeptik: t minus 2 minutes...mark (3:10am)
Dial: Hard to follow up this Vai masterpiece (3:10am)
Metaskeptik: Nicely done (3:13am)
Dial: Ha! Thanks brother. (3:14am)
Metaskeptik: (coils cords) (3:15am)
Metaskeptik: Digging it (3:15am)
Metaskeptik: Hell yeah! (3:17am)
Metaskeptik: Yngwie J. Malmstein (3:17am)
Metaskeptik: Plug we need DJs (3:18am)
Metaskeptik: Yep, I'll be home in ten. (3:19am)
Dial: Cool. Let me know (3:23am)
Metaskeptik: that last track (3:36am)
Metaskeptik: nice home music (3:36am)
Dial: Hey, brother (3:37am)
Metaskeptik: riding home music, in the rain (3:39am)