Chatroom History
December 9, 2018 6:00pm - 8:34pm

Eamon: RIP (6:03pm)
delish: im cry (6:04pm)
Aloedoesdishes: Last Show love you all (6:04pm)
Erik: RIP us (6:07pm)
Eamon: RIPPD (6:07pm)
Eamon: RIPD (6:07pm)
delish: gettin rippd (6:08pm)
A snake a snack: Al is now and forever (6:20pm)
delish: gosh we do love you sara (6:22pm)
delish: best mom email i%u2019ve heard ever (6:28pm)
Scot: I just want you to know your are not alone. I am holding your handnas the light fades. (6:30pm)
Marc D: Most birds do not have a penis. Most birds have a little lump called a cloaca. During the breeding season when hormones are flowing the cloaca swells and birds can get a cloacal protuberance. (6:42pm)
Scot: That gets my cloaca going (6:45pm)
Eamon: Meet me in the cloaca room (6:45pm)
Cory: Ok I'll (6:53pm)
Cory: Lol (6:53pm)
Hide the Bodies: Dang goody pals, getting a little misty over here (6:56pm)
Ricky: RIP (7:01pm)
MURPHAY!: RIP IC (7:13pm)
Lee: RIP. Show favs: Shelby drunk on saki and the first Al drunk at the old station. (7:14pm)
Scot: Metallimania is wall to wall people ragging on the band's then-current album on the band's dime (7:15pm)
MURPHAY!: That sounds hilarious (7:15pm)
MURPHAY!: Lee!!!! (7:15pm)
Lee: I had two kids since this show started. Thanks IC. (7:17pm)
Scot: Streets of fire all day vape (7:19pm)
MURPHAY!: I%u2019ll check it out (7:26pm)
Ricky: Y%u2019all pretty much just dinged Ghost (7:27pm)
Cory: Hahahahaha fuck (7:30pm)
Woowoo: OK (7:32pm)
Eamon: YOOOOOOO LMAO (7:45pm)
Lee: RIPeter (7:59pm)
Eamon: I'm tearing up too buddy! (8:00pm)
Ricky: Fuck on (8:00pm)
Evan: Perfect ending song (8:02pm)
delish: love youuuu (8:03pm)
Scot: Closing this tab for the last time (8:03pm)
Evan: See you on facebook (8:03pm)
Eamon: Finally I can quit Podcast Town (8:03pm)
A snake a snack: Goodbye everyone (8:04pm)
podcasts are over: that's it (8:04pm)
podcasts are over: poscasts are over (8:04pm)
podcasts are over: now it's books on tape (8:04pm)
Evan: Dumping all the matchbox cars in the garbage like Sam on Freaks and Geeks. (8:04pm)
podcasts are over: is jordan peterson on audible (8:05pm)
Aloedoesdishes: Thanks for listening (8:05pm)
Eamon: Sleep well sweet angel bbys (8:05pm)