Chatroom History
November 11, 2018 4:00pm - 6:29pm

Dial: She was probably checking out your mic the whole time..: (4:00pm)
Dial: Tighten up the pants on everyone and give them a slap on the ass! (4:49pm)
malderor: Stay tuned to Kiss My Requency! (4:51pm)
malderor: uhhhh (4:59pm)
Dial: Bring it on! (5:12pm)
malderor: Yeah, this is better than sitting around on the couch. (5:14pm)
Metaskeptik: Much better (5:15pm)
Dial: My couch is fairly comfy. (5:16pm)
malderor: well, if it's your only option. (5:17pm)
Dial: Hey now, I guess I could have found a blowup mattress with a Jameson theme... (5:18pm)
Dial: Next time... (5:22pm)
Dj Rocky: i wish we had visual (5:26pm)
Dj Rocky: i know i know, its hardly radio then but.. (5:26pm)
malderor: it's a good turnout. great bands. (5:29pm)
Dj Rocky: yup (5:29pm)
malderor: and i just picked up my tickets to see The Skatalites here at Thee Parkside on the 24th! (5:29pm)
Dial: Live bands sound great! (5:31pm)
malderor: stoney (5:34pm)
Dj Rocky: KMF got chops. ;) (5:34pm)
Dial: Stoney is great. Roll with it! (5:34pm)
Dial: Drummer killing it! (5:35pm)
Dj Rocky: yup!! drummer is a prodigy (5:36pm)
Dial: Badass shit (5:36pm)
Dj Rocky: burnzie is a star too. wee tazmanian devil (5:37pm)
malderor: the drummer soundchecked the kit. we could tell he knew his way around the set, but damn. (5:38pm)
Dial: Seriously! Wow! (5:41pm)
Dial: Whole band sounds awesome! (5:41pm)
malderor: the sounds guy at thee parkside rules. (5:42pm)
Dj Rocky: dont bottom out (5:44pm)
Dj Rocky: great song (5:49pm)
malderor: stay tuned for IllCon! (5:57pm)
Dial: Ok (5:58pm)
Erik: We are onnnnnn (6:00pm)
malderor: oooh, the soothing sounds of the death metals. (6:01pm)
malderor: thanks to all the bands and listeners for coming out to thee parkside today! kep it tuned to Illogical Contraption! (6:04pm)
malderor: *keep (6:05pm)