Chatroom History
November 18, 2018 4:00pm - 6:30pm

Dial: Chug a lug! (4:09pm)
Netzard: Cheerio Dial a Shot! (4:47pm)
Dial: Hey now. Cheers! (4:48pm)
Netzard: We%u2019re having a party (4:49pm)
Dial: Sounds like a great plan! I am joining you on this end. Joey is my middleman connection to you kids. (5:04pm)
Li Po: Hi Dial! Thanks for Listening! (5:20pm)
Dial: Where can I catch highlights of this punk ballet show? (5:30pm)
Dial: Or the whole thing. Sounds like something very cool! (5:31pm)
Dial: You guys staying on overtime?!?! Do it! (5:38pm)
Netzard: Naw we are out at 6 for Ill Con (5:46pm)
Dial: Oh, thought it was a rerun. (5:47pm)
Netzard: Not sure if the punk ballet show was filmed. I%u2019ll ask Li Po (5:48pm)
Dial: Cool! (5:48pm)
Dial: I am out. Catch you guys later. Cheers! (6:01pm)