Chatroom History
December 10, 2018 6:00pm - 8:30pm

Dial: Cheers, my Stoney brother! (6:14pm)
DJ Stonehocker: i'm all jacked up on venom energy drink. feels like i'm talking a mile a minute (6:15pm)
Dial: You sound great. That energy, I can barely handle coffee these days. Yee Ha. (6:17pm)
Dial: All in your head. Let the venom GO! (6:18pm)
Dial: Funny. That made my night! (6:29pm)
Dial: I can fly in sometime and retrain if you need help eating all the chips during a show. (6:42pm)
DJ Stonehocker: yes please (6:44pm)
Dial: Cmon, the current mics are just as good as the re20s... (6:50pm)
Dial: Were... (6:50pm)
DJ Stonehocker: RIP other mics (6:53pm)
Dial: Killing it Stoney (7:23pm)
DJ Stonehocker: thanks for sticking around bud. much appreciated (7:24pm)
Dial: Nice to have you back (7:40pm)
Dial: Great show Stoney. Catch ya later. (7:50pm)
DJ Stonehocker: take care my friend. let's do again next Monday if not sooner (7:50pm)