Chatroom History
September 20, 2018 8:00pm - 11:35pm

timmmii: oh yeah (9:05pm)
turd ferguson: argh, missed almost the whole thign... back to skool nite (9:26pm)
timmmii: i can send you the recording later (9:27pm)
turd ferguson: aight (9:28pm)
timmmii: it's been a good show, diverse (9:29pm)
timmmii: a LOT of new music (9:29pm)
turd ferguson: argh pitchfork savaged jungle, but you know... F them (9:35pm)
timmmii: i saw that (9:38pm)
timmmii: they do make some points but i still like it (9:38pm)
timmmii: i listened to the album as a whole today (9:39pm)
timmmii: for first time (9:39pm)
timmmii: i need a few more listens (9:39pm)
turd ferguson: i will admit that the singles stand out way above the other tracks based on a couple of listens (9:43pm)
timmmii: yes (9:45pm)
timmmii: check out this band (9:56pm)
timmmii: Still Corners (9:56pm)
timmmii: they are good (9:57pm)
timmmii: i guess i'm playing longer, nobody is here (10:02pm)
timmmii: i am officially playing till 11pm (10:13pm)
timmmii: i may not talk (10:14pm)
turd ferguson: argh i had to step away to eat, thought your show was over! duh (10:23pm)
timmmii: heheh (10:24pm)
timmmii: unexpected (10:24pm)
turd ferguson: ol' turd's gotta stop hittin' the hooch on a weeknight (10:25pm)
Filius Null: pirating albums is a lot harder than it used to be (10:27pm)
Filius Null: good for musicians (10:27pm)
timmmii: hooch! (10:28pm)
Dial: Killer stuff, Timmmii! (10:28pm)
timmmii: thank you dial (10:29pm)
timmmii: i *needed* to DJ this week (10:29pm)
Dial: Keep on rolling. Sounds great! (10:33pm)
timmmii: :) (10:37pm)
Dial: This Pional track is great! (10:49pm)
timmmii: yes (10:52pm)
Dial: Great show. Thanks! (10:59pm)
timmmii: thank you! (11:01pm)
turd ferguson: thanks for going an extra hour! (11:06pm)
timmmii: thanks to everyone for staying tuned (11:07pm)
timmmii: i'm seeing The The next week. see you in 2 weeks (11:07pm)
Dial: Have a blast! Catch you in 2 weeks. (11:12pm)