Chatroom History
December 12, 2018 12:00am - 3:22am

RV DJ: Metaskeptik (12:07am)
Metaskeptik: Hi! (12:07am)
Metaskeptik: I need new glasses (12:08am)
Dial: Yo, Metaskeptic! (12:37am)
Metaskeptik: Hey Dial (12:42am)
Metaskeptik: Too many cords! (12:43am)
Dial: Never (12:45am)
Metaskeptik: like tangy cords, mics n shit (12:46am)
Dial: Gotcha. I was thinking maybe you had a huge corduroy collection! (12:48am)
Metaskeptik: Not cold enough here (12:49am)
Dial: True. And when our lower half overheats... (12:56am)
Dial: Well, not usually too pretty. (12:56am)
Metaskeptik: Can't beleive I've never heard that Beatles song (1:12am)
Dial: Not sure I had either (1:14am)
Dial: You better be staying overtime! (1:17am)
Metaskeptik: I can't say, long trip (1:29am)
Metaskeptik: Kadhja good (1:39am)
Dial: I dig it! (1:40am)
Metaskeptik: Yeah, she is amazing (1:46am)
Dial: I jotted it down (1:48am)
Dial: Keep going, brother man (2:03am)
Dial: Digging Forest (2:06am)
Metaskeptik: Bran Van is awesome (2:08am)
Dial: Digging the late night trippy tunes (2:09am)
Dial: Thanks for a great show, Meta. Cheers! (2:41am)
Metaskeptik: Thanks for listeing (2:45am)
Metaskeptik: NOt sure its was great (2:45am)