Chatroom History
November 9, 2018 10:00am - 11:56am

Dial: Faco! Well, as shitty as the situation is, you fixed something. (10:34am)
Dial: The Big Man brought the Thunder!!! (11:03am)
Dial: Robert Parish. The Chief! Smoke away! (11:11am)
itsfaco: thx for listening (11:13am)
itsfaco: shouts (11:14am)
itsfaco: out (11:14am)
itsfaco: to (11:14am)
itsfaco: you (11:14am)
Dial: Oregon is beautiful. (11:38am)
Dial: Deer need their Netflix fix, too! (11:41am)
Dial: Hey, you gave it your best shot with the lap dances. (11:44am)
Dial: The ladies have no idea what they were missing! (11:45am)
Dial: Perfect! You can be the entertainment between bands!!! (11:46am)
Dial: Maybe I can still fly in and be your manager. (11:47am)
Dial: Alphabet Street by Prince? (11:49am)