Chatroom History
December 14, 2018 10:00pm - 3:29am

KillBob: or kill me. (10:05pm)
KillPeppe: or kill BoB. (10:06pm)
Rev. Fil: c h i r p (10:07pm)
vj pussycat: i'm out and about, so need reloadio link in chatbox please (10:10pm)
Staggering High: (10:11pm)
Staggering High: oadio.pls (10:15pm)
Staggering High: dammit (10:15pm)
Rev. Fil: Dr. Hal sounding stellar tonight (10:16pm)
Dr. Penny: Moistening dry ears with SubGenius Babal. (10:16pm)
Rev. Fil: This one coyote keeps dropping a poop at my camp site (10:18pm)
Staggering High: I have raccoon shit on my roof... lots (10:19pm)
Rev. Fil: raaadiooo (10:19pm)
Rev. Fil: there's racsoons in sf what? (10:20pm)
Rev. Fil: we had wild turkeys in hayward (10:22pm)
Rev. Fil: I'm way overdue for an abduction (10:24pm)
Dr. Penny: wild turkeys have become popular in the east bay hills (10:24pm)
Alan B.: WHERE'S MY AUDIENCE?! (10:32pm)
Rev. Fil: don't think i've heard this one (10:32pm)
Rev. Fil: "bob" is his name (10:32pm)
Alan B.: WHERE'S MY MICROPHONES?! (10:32pm)
Dr. Penny: It's live, not memorex. (10:33pm)
Rev. Fil: where is MY show? (10:33pm)
Alan B.: REJEK REJEK REJEK (10:33pm)
Alan B.: When Mama's happy, everyone's happy. (10:35pm)
Rev. Fil: you can hear the drugs (10:35pm)
Alan B.: Brown acid (10:36pm)
vj pussycat: i can feel the drugs (10:36pm)
Alan B.: ...and a phoney on the mic. (10:36pm)
Alan B.: Hey, VJ! (10:37pm)
Rev. Fil: buddha left his wife and kid (10:38pm)
Rev. Fil: for slack (10:38pm)
vj pussycat: hey alan b.! (10:38pm)
Rev. Fil: M Peppe believes consciousness is an emergent property of jello? (10:39pm)
Rev. Fil: consciousness is Xist dada (10:40pm)
Rev. Fil: sweet radio (10:41pm)
Rev. Fil: REKT (10:42pm)
Alan B.: Mrs. Is Reloadio master! (10:43pm)
Rev. Fil: i just handle more than Peppe (10:44pm)
Rev. Fil: so many channels (10:44pm)
Rev. Fil: I GUESS (10:45pm)
vj pussycat: yay mrs (10:54pm)
Rev. Fil: holy shit i heard this before a Tool show and din't know what it was (10:56pm)
Rev. Fil: who made this? (10:56pm)
Rev. Fil: Tool played this on the pay at fox theater oakland in 2006 (10:57pm)
Rev. Fil: before they went on stage (10:57pm)
Alan B.: Get VJ Pussycat out of the recording of your lying whore mouths! (10:59pm)
Rev. Fil: mind blown (10:59pm)
Rev. Fil: thanks for playing that (10:59pm)
Rev. Fil: whatever it was (10:59pm)
Staggering High: Hey Puzz... let me in! (11:23pm)
Alan B.: Why does K**** C******** hate SubG stuff so much? (11:28pm)
Alan B.: "I'll have it down in 7 hours." (11:36pm)
nexus_6: clean the chat box (11:40pm)
Alan B.: Let's see the tile job? (11:40pm)
nexus_6: 300 baud (11:40pm)
Staggering High: less than 1 minute (11:42pm)
Alan B.: Enjoy the microphones, assholes. (11:44pm)
nexus_6: it's poppin or you droppin (11:44pm)
Alan B.: Taken. (11:45pm)
Alan B.: Point taken. (11:45pm)
nexus_6: yak yak (11:45pm)
nexus_6: I am the small-wrus (11:46pm)
Alan B.: I like Hal. (11:47pm)
nexus_6: Join the coffee achievers (11:48pm)
E_Y: PUZZ : %u201CTomorrow Never Knows%u201D (11:48pm)
Alan B.: I ain't paying $3 to watch this film, or dragging out my laptop. (11:49pm)
E_Y: Tomorrow Never Knows, Puzz (11:49pm)
nexus_6: Hold On Tight.... (11:49pm)
nexus_6: ....To Your Dreams (11:49pm)
Alan B.: Ha ha ha double downloadio. (11:50pm)
nexus_6: (11:51pm)
E_Y: This is what they used in Mad Men, oui. Don Draper doesn%u2019t dig it. His younger wife has him listen to it. (11:52pm)
Alan B.: Who needs to be encouraged to guzzle coffee? (11:53pm)
Staggering High: Earl, Mad Men was torture (if you were alive then) (11:53pm)
nexus_6: I'm going to wrangle up a Klondike Bar (11:54pm)
E_Y: So are we to wrangle up our own screening of Cowboys vs Aliens, somehow? I think I already paid for it once. Not like a public domain thing, this one. (11:57pm)
Rev. Fil: by the time we download it will be over (12:00am)
Staggering High: want one of my two copies? (12:00am)
Staggering High: I'm pointing at you (12:01am)
Alan B.: Evil Spock has a beard. (12:01am)
Staggering High: totally obvious (12:02am)
Staggering High: Bad day at Black Rock (12:02am)
E_Y: I think I recall enough of it to , er... follow along. (12:03am)
Alan B.: This is niche and meta to an impossible degree ... Listening to Realodio commentary on commentary. (12:04am)
Rev. Fil: found it (12:04am)
Alan B.: That ad, ha ha wow. (12:05am)
Rev. Fil: yeah the ads are fucked (12:05am)
vj pussycat: i can't watch. i'm looking for meteors (12:06am)
vj pussycat: damn right (12:06am)
Staggering High: tell me about these "meatiors" (12:06am)
Rev. Fil: damn can't get it to load (12:07am)
Alan B.: It wants me to download a Flash update, with ebola. (12:07am)
Rev. Fil: do it! (12:07am)
E_Y: Who is Staggering High, do I know you? (12:07am)
Staggering High: everyone knows who he is (12:08am)
Alan B.: You'll find him staring, perplexed, at scaffolding. (12:08am)
Staggering High: PUzzling Evidence's version is playing too fast. I HAVE MORE PIXELS (12:10am)
Alan B.: Nah, my phone won't eat Rev. Fil's version, and I am too cheap. (12:10am)
Staggering High: what movie am I not watching? (12:11am)
Alan B.: Let Petit mort (12:11am)
Staggering High: or, right (12:11am)
Rev. Fil: New Wave Hookers (12:11am)
Alan B.: I am on a Realoadio pass through. (12:12am)
Staggering High: New wave Hookers 2 (12:12am)
Staggering High: no comments on the tile job yet? (12:12am)
Alan B.: It looks cool in that light. (12:13am)
Staggering High: the pattern is called zigg-zagg (12:14am)
Alan B.: Let Hal know I am babbling respectfully. (12:14am)
Staggering High: REloadio executive washroom (12:15am)
nexus_6: (12:16am)
Alan B.: Sink (12:18am)
Alan B.: How do you know (12:18am)
Alan B.: Where to start the zigzag? (12:18am)
Staggering High: (12:20am)
Alan B.: Saw it first run (12:23am)
Alan B.: Where are (12:23am)
Alan B.: Puzzling Evidence's (12:24am)
Alan B.: Royalties, (12:24am)
Alan B.: David? (12:24am)
Alan B.: Okay, pumpkin time, gentleman. Later. (12:26am)
Staggering High: REloadio isn't listening (12:38am)
vj pussycat: by pumpkin (12:38am)
Staggering High: Lifeforce or go home (12:38am)
vj pussycat: they think they know everything (12:39am)
vj pussycat: i am (12:39am)
vj pussycat: listening to both (12:39am)
vj pussycat: don't say hello (12:40am)
Dr. Penny: He might have to kill "Bob" (12:46am)
Staggering High: Walton Goggins (12:47am)
vj pussycat: i thought you weren't watching (12:51am)
Dr. Penny: cowboys vs dragonfly foo fighters (12:54am)
Staggering High: I'll complete the movie narration. (12:58am)
Dr. Penny: Hubba hubba alien woman (1:05am)
Staggering High: still 25 minutes to this movie (1:25am)
Dr. Howland Owll: The movie is over ...we are alone....must reach (1:58am)
Staggering High: I'm working (2:03am)
Staggering High: LAST LEGS (2:10am)
Sir Roger Scrotum: ITS A STEAL (2:12am)
Staggering High: REloadio is terribly sorry to report a 200% increase in listener minutes (2:15am)
Sir Roger Scrotum: : [ (2:16am)
Staggering High: beyond obvious, more or less (2:19am)
Staggering High: delay is a sign of weakness (2:50am)