Chatroom History
December 17, 2018 8:00pm - 10:30pm

Dial: There he is! (8:00pm)
John Hell: Here I is! (8:04pm)
netzard: Hiya Mr. Hell! (8:22pm)
John Hell: Hey hey hey!!! (8:23pm)
How old is: 14? (9:25pm)
actiongrl: they were 17 and 14 (9:25pm)
How old is: That's how old Jeff was (9:25pm)
How old is: of course I had to refresh the page while John was asking (9:26pm)
Mr. L: 13 & 17 (9:26pm)
Mr. L: was when their self titled LP came out (9:27pm)
How old is: So 14 and 17 (9:27pm)
actiongrl: that's what i said, bunny bread (9:28pm)
actiongrl: although i'm not sure whether we measure this against like first rehearsal or first EP (9:29pm)
How old is: What the hell? (9:29pm)
How old is: Ok fuck this (9:29pm)
How old is: Fuck this I'm gonna listen to black flag (9:30pm)
How old is: Who Red Kross opened up for at their first show. (9:30pm)
How old is: Later, Ninja. (9:32pm)
How old is: Said it first, meat for brains (9:33pm)
Mr. L: 1980 - 1967 = 13, not 14 (9:33pm)
How old is: FTS (9:41pm)
Miss Kae Oz: Hey Sex C people (10:08pm)