Chatroom History
December 20, 2018 8:00pm - 10:32pm

Dial: Hey, Timmmii. (8:19pm)
timmmii: hey there (8:32pm)
Dial: Digging the mix. Did you say 14 years ago? (8:38pm)
timmmii: yes, i produced it in 2004 (8:42pm)
timmmii: i've been looking for these files for years (8:42pm)
Dial: Awesome! (8:50pm)
timmmii: thanks. i'm happy to be playing it, i worked on it for a long time (8:54pm)
Dial: Great work. Cheers. (8:57pm)
turd ferguson: thanks!! great christmas tunes (9:59pm)
timmmii: thank you (10:02pm)
timmmii: that was fun (10:02pm)
timmmii: TVAM is so good (10:03pm)
timmmii: i need to watch that link you sent me (10:03pm)
turd ferguson: oh yeah... it was pretty short, maybe just 4 songs (10:05pm)