Chatroom History
January 2, 2019 6:00pm - 6:32pm

Dial: Is that building kinda like a treehouse, Squirrel? (6:09pm)
DJ Rocky: i got big nuts (6:11pm)
DJ Rocky: they call me squirell cause im kinda nutty (6:13pm)
Dial: Yeah. Bullwinkle liked to reference their size... (6:16pm)
DJ Rocky: he was jealous (6:18pm)
Dial: Eventually there just was not enough room on Sundays for both of you guys... (6:20pm)
Dial: And your big nuts... (6:20pm)
DJ Rocky: think acdc wrote a song about that (6:21pm)
Dial: You got that right (6:22pm)
DJ Rocky: cause i got the biggest BALLS of them ALL! (6:22pm)