Chatroom History
January 8, 2019 10:00pm - 12:30am

vj pussycat: nice (10:08pm)
Dial: Paulitics! (10:28pm)
Dial: Clear skies here in MSP. Bring it on in for another smooth landing. (10:32pm)
Dial: A hate free wall, you say? Bring that also. (10:39pm)
Dial: The Canadians are getting restless up here! (10:43pm)
Paulitics: Waa gwaan, Dial? Big up! (10:47pm)
Dial: Yessiree. Jamaica, here I come. Been too long. (10:52pm)
Paulitics: Dial needs to go to Jamaica. (11:01pm)
Dial: Been way too long. Best people I think I have ever met. (11:25pm)
Paulitics: How many times have you beento Jamaica? (11:26pm)
Dial: Only twice (11:27pm)
Paulitics: me too (11:27pm)
Dial: First time I went was when Shaggy had released Boombastic. (11:30pm)
Dial: The album was on a permanent loop all week. (11:32pm)
Dial: I have a soft place in my hardened heart for that album. (11:33pm)
Paulitics: 1997 (11:33pm)
Paulitics: I sang that song at karaoke in AlamedA (11:33pm)
Dial: Everywhere you went, day or night, it was playing. (11:34pm)
Paulitics: i LOVE THAT SONG (11:34pm)
Dial: Nicely done!!! (11:35pm)
Dial: Brilliant song (11:38pm)
Dial: You can just call it Sota. You have earned it! (11:40pm)
Dial: Happy Tuesday, Metaskeptic! (12:02am)
Metaskeptik: Yes it is a happy Tuesday (12:06am)
Dial: Good to hear. (12:11am)
Dial: Or Wednesday I guess. (12:13am)
Metaskeptik: All i wanted was a pepsi! (12:14am)
Dial: Definitely better than Coke. (12:15am)
Dial: Listen to you kids figuring out the mics. Love it. (12:18am)
Metaskeptik: The wiring is never constant (12:22am)
Dial: Just blame Paulitics! (12:25am)