Chatroom History
December 9, 2018 4:00pm - 6:29pm

Dial: Uh oh. Sounds like Malderor had a shitty time today. I just got to tune in. Missed all the assumed ranting. (4:06pm)
Dial: But, hey there hoochies! (4:14pm)
Eamon: RIP (6:03pm)
delish: im cry (6:04pm)
Aloedoesdishes: Last Show love you all (6:04pm)
Erik: RIP us (6:07pm)
Eamon: RIPPD (6:07pm)
Eamon: RIPD (6:07pm)
delish: gettin rippd (6:08pm)
A snake a snack: Al is now and forever (6:20pm)
delish: gosh we do love you sara (6:22pm)
delish: best mom email i%u2019ve heard ever (6:28pm)