Chatroom History
January 26, 2019 2:00pm - 4:29pm

Dial: Hey, family! Who is taking the controls today? (2:06pm)
OriginalBrewer: It's a combo - Q-Nut and Addimae (2:12pm)
Dial: Right on. Definitely dig the theme! (2:13pm)
Dial: Congrats on show number one! (2:14pm)
OriginalBrewer: Thank you, Dial! (2:16pm)
Dial: Gotta be fun to have a full studio, too! (2:18pm)
malderor: They%u2019re doing better than I did. (2:20pm)
malderor: On my first show. (2:21pm)
Dial: Well, how much is that saying? HA! (2:21pm)
Dial: I still cannot get it right. And I have my own setup! (2:23pm)
OriginalBrewer: %uD83E%uDD23 (2:24pm)
malderor: It can be catastrophic (2:25pm)
Dial: Part of why I still listen, Malderor!!! (2:26pm)
Dial: Oh, and also because you are kinda cool. (2:31pm)
Dial: Ouch. Mosquito bites are the worst. Especially if they end your life. Boo! (2:41pm)
OriginalBrewer: So true, Dial! So true (2:44pm)
malderor: I%u2019ve never known the lyrics here. You%u2019re a vegetable? (2:46pm)
OriginalBrewer: "I was saved by the sound of microsoft" (2:48pm)
OriginalBrewer: that's according to ESBeats (2:48pm)
malderor: Heh (2:49pm)
Dial: Gotta love catchy tunes about veggies! (2:49pm)
Dial: Nosebleeds? Sing away! (2:59pm)
OriginalBrewer: Absolutely! (3:05pm)
malderor: such a great band. are they still active? (3:17pm)
OriginalBrewer: Yes! They just toured, actually (3:23pm)
malderor: good first show, everybody! (3:56pm)
OriginalBrewer: Thanks, Malderor! (3:57pm)
OriginalBrewer: couldn't have done it w/out ya! (3:57pm)