Chatroom History
February 2, 2019 12:00pm - 3:27pm

Toddlurr & Suzee: Thanks again to all you DJs for keeping Rampage Radio alive! RIP Baloff - 17 years gone but his spirit (and humor) will live forever (1:39pm)
JMac: Notts Blighty calling - just had a dose of Dad's Army on the Beeb and thought I'd tune in. JM (2:43pm)
OriginalBrewer: NICE!!! (2:44pm)
OriginalBrewer: So glad you're joining us JMAC (2:44pm)
JMac: Yeah beyond me bed-time - ma w'be 'appy! (2:44pm)
OriginalBrewer: ha ha! the family up in Yorkshire is also up and listening (2:48pm)
JMac: Excellent - shout out to God's Own Country. Still buzzin' after today's Six Nation's Rugby. (2:51pm)
JMac: Tune! - although I prefer the original Sister Sledge (2:55pm)
OriginalBrewer: Did you enjoy your shout out? (2:58pm)
JMac: Yes thank you. Much appreciated. Have you recorded a jingle for your show yet? (3:06pm)
OriginalBrewer: not yet - we need to get that done (3:09pm)
CountryTom: GTG BrewerHay's! Great show! :) <3 (3:11pm)
CountryTom: <3 (3:11pm)
CountryTom: ^ supposed to be a heart... :/ (3:11pm)
OriginalBrewer: Thank you, Country Tom! (3:14pm)
Metaskeptik: Shout! (3:18pm)