Chatroom History
February 6, 2019 12:00am - 3:20am

Dial: Metaskeptic, bringing even more truth. (12:01am)
Dial: Equal truth! Love tuning in on Tuesday nights. Cheers, guys. (12:05am)
Metaskeptik: Hear it out there? (12:09am)
Metaskeptik: Needles not moving in here (12:09am)
Dial: Sounds great. (12:10am)
Metaskeptik: Cool (12:10am)
Metaskeptik: VU is not moving at all (12:10am)
Dial: 7 times at burning man is definitely a shitload. (12:24am)
Dial: How would I know? Never been. (12:26am)
Dial: You can do both timeslots next week. (12:27am)
Dial: Dig the car theme. (12:35am)
Metaskeptik: Thanks man (12:49am)
Metaskeptik: Boom! (12:49am)
Dial: Cars that go Boom! Nice. (12:51am)
Dial: Forgot about this track. (12:51am)
Metaskeptik: Everyone forgot that shit (12:53am)
Dial: Minneapolis says thanks for playing Prince. (1:04am)
Metaskeptik: Stay Warm! (1:08am)
Dial: The NSX was awesome. Same with the 3rd generation RX7. (1:15am)
Dial: Keep rocking that bike. Cars are just a pain at the end of it all. (1:16am)
Metaskeptik: Word (1:16am)
Metaskeptik: Why aren't the VU needles moving? (1:18am)
Dial: Awesome call on Tracy! Ever seen her live? (1:20am)
Metaskeptik: Sadly no (1:21am)
Dial: Great show. Even for rockers. (1:29am)
Metaskeptik: \m/ (1:33am)
Dial: The Lep. Nice. (1:42am)
Metaskeptik: For your two armed pleasure! (1:45am)
Metaskeptik: Give me some theme ideas (1:46am)
Metaskeptik: i'm bored with my own music (1:46am)
Dial: How about Black Sunshine. Old White Zombie with Iggy Pop. (1:47am)
Dial: Still thinking along the car theme. (1:48am)
midnightrizer: Dead Mans'curve (1:49am)
Dial: Bartenders Blues-George Jones? (1:49am)
Dial: And I have plenty of drinking songs in mind! (1:50am)
midnightrizer: ty :) (1:57am)
Metaskeptik: yw (1:57am)
midnightrizer: What i like best bout this station you never know what song is next its like an infinite jukebox. (1:59am)
Metaskeptik: its a dark juke (2:00am)
midnightrizer: doesn't matter everyone likes a full wheelhouse. (2:00am)
midnightrizer: The volume flucuates quite often. (2:02am)
Dial: The tech department is on vacation (2:07am)
midnightrizer: :) (2:08am)
midnightrizer: it is 5:08 a.m. here i really should not notice such things at this hour. (2:09am)
RV awesome tech team: we are so on it (2:10am)
midnightrizer: thanks just an observation did not know if you noticed on your side. (2:11am)
Dial: Thank you. I was just joking. We had some recent volume issues. Appreciate you listening! (2:13am)
there are so many: sides.. lo.. awesome.. cheers (2:14am)
midnightrizer: I have been hooked in for weeks now i have even shared the link with friends do not know if they care if its no a secure link. while here. (2:14am)
midnightrizer: i do not think it matters all that much really. (2:15am)
i did not: write that just not "awesome. cheers." message (2:16am)
Dial: Right on, midnightrizer! My show is 4-6 on Mondays. Tune on in. (2:17am)
Dial: Metaskeptic is going to jump on before me next Monday to test the daytime waters. (2:18am)
but: its ok (2:18am)
midnightrizer: i leave the show on till the site does an error :) which means i have to reboot because the cursor changes shape i know its time to reboot the computer. :) (2:19am)
computers : are like "air" yo (2:20am)
Metaskeptik: Thank you Jesse! (2:21am)
midnightrizer: np (2:23am)
computers: shouts (2:24am)
computers: out (2:24am)
computers: out (2:24am)
computers: out (2:25am)
computers: out (2:25am)
computers: out (2:25am)
computers: to (2:25am)
computers: using an FM receiver to get 87.9FM. radio valencia.. occupy the airwaves. (2:25am)
Dial: My other requests didnt fly. Ok, how about Mississippi Queen? (2:25am)
computers: u (2:26am)
computers: u (2:26am)
computers: u (2:26am)
Dial: By Mountain, of course! (2:27am)
vanishing : point (2:27am)
Dial: Great show, Metaskeptic. Looking forward to coming on after you on Monday. Cheers! (2:29am)
midnightrizer: does the station have a smooth jazz show? (2:29am)
midnightrizer: the only thing i do not listen to is rap and the all talk shows. i prefer music. :) (2:30am)
midnightrizer: if i wanted talk i would be doing pod cast not music stream (2:31am)
Dial: I did not write that last "cheers" message (2:34am)
Dial: talking is so much more integral to RV policy than music content (2:35am)
Metaskeptik: Thanks Dial. I'm beat. Gotta go. Long day. (2:35am)
Dial 2.0: Yes. I did write that cheers message. (2:36am)
Metaskeptik: Thanks for listening everyone. (2:36am)
Metaskeptik: Hack the chatboard up your ass... (2:36am)
Dial 2.0: Whoever thinks that it is funny to pretend to be me. Well, really not sure of the point. (2:36am)
Dial: 2.0 is not me (2:36am)
midnightrizer: i mean all talk not dj stuff (2:37am)
Dial a Shot : Midnightrizer, the jazz show we have is noon-2 on Mondays. (2:40am)
Dial a Shot : Called Kingdom of Not. (2:41am)
midnightrizer: k ty (2:41am)
Dial a Shot : I am getting off the chatterbox because I really have no interest in anyone pretending to chat for me. (2:42am)
midnightrizer: time times are PST i take it. (2:42am)
Dial a Shot: Yeah. Chat with me if you ever get to tune in during my show. Catch you another time. (2:43am)
midnightrizer: gn to u dialashot (2:44am)
Dial a ???: maybe ill play some Prince (2:44am)
Dial a Shot: It's OK (2:46am)
Dial a Shot: When my show is on, you shoulldf chat ewoith me and give me requests and shit! (2:52am)
Dial: Prince should've played at the super bowl this year (2:56am)