Chatroom History
February 10, 2019 12:00pm - 2:29pm

Marco Middlesex: Enjoying the show so far? (12:13pm)
Dial: Hey! I think I know the dudes that did that intro. (2:09pm)
Dial: And they sounded like they may have been at the Elks before recording. (2:12pm)
malderor: giordano brothers (2:14pm)
Dial: Meant you and I in the intro. But, jealous if you were at G Bros earlier. (2:17pm)
Dial: Lots of good purple things. Great track. (2:18pm)
John Hell: Play some Avenue D to follow up this tasty treat (2:18pm)
Dial: Nice work, MikO! (2:20pm)
Dial: Yo John. (2:21pm)
John Hell: Yp Dial! (2:21pm)
Dial: Make it to any hellacious shows this week? (2:22pm)
John Hell: I did not. I was hoping to check out Pins of Light the other night however. I also sadly missed the Avengers/Mudhoney show (2:24pm)
John Hell: You? (2:24pm)
Dial: Pretty quiet week for me. Good thing anyway because we have been pretty snowed in. (2:26pm)