Chatroom History
February 18, 2019 8:00pm - 10:30pm

Dial: Hey, John. Cheers. (8:04pm)
John Hell: Hey Dial, thanks for tuning in. (8:09pm)
Awesome: Cheers. (8:16pm)
John Hell: Thanks. Cheers to you! (8:17pm)
Cheers: Awesome! (8:19pm)
John Hell: Winner (9:25pm)
Dial: Great show, John. Have a great night! (9:56pm)
Mr. L: Mr. L (9:58pm)
Mr. L: Wait a minute. You played this last week. (9:58pm)
Mr. L: Poster chile for Camel no filter (9:59pm)
Mr. L: Poster Child (9:59pm)
Perfect_Timing: That was pretty. (10:00pm)
Perfect_Timing: Mic sounds okay. (10:00pm)
Perfect_Timing: Music isn't coming through (10:01pm)
Perfect_Timing: Mic still open. (10:01pm)
Perfect_Timing: There you go. (10:01pm)
Miss Kae Oz: Hey PT (10:11pm)
Perfect_Timing: yo (10:12pm)
Perfect_Timing: Bluegrass Alice in Chains.... (10:16pm)
Misty: Hi Disco Biscuit! Sorry I%u2019m out of town. I wanted to be there to support your show. %u2764%uFE0F (10:27pm)