Chatroom History
February 25, 2019 2:00pm - 4:29pm

Dial: Afternoon, Meta. (2:01pm)
Metaskeptik: Hey dude (2:03pm)
Metaskeptik: Sound OK out there? (2:03pm)
Dial: Sounds great. (2:04pm)
Dial: Perfect levels. (2:04pm)
Dial: You inspired me to make a pot of tea. Cheers! (2:05pm)
Metaskeptik: Cool (2:06pm)
Metaskeptik: Why have level needles when they dont matter (2:06pm)
Metaskeptik: ? (2:06pm)
Dial: Good question. Whatever you have going, just keep on keeping on! (2:08pm)
malderor: What levels don't matter? (2:12pm)
malderor: there is a compressor in the signal chain that forgives a lot of the over- or under- driven levels. (2:13pm)
Metaskeptik: I figured that (2:14pm)
Metaskeptik: Needles on board barely moving (2:14pm)
Metaskeptik: monitor ones are white and yellow (2:15pm)
Metaskeptik: yellow lagging (2:15pm)
Metaskeptik: sounds ok in here (2:15pm)
Metaskeptik: if you like Peter Gabriel (2:16pm)
Dial: I can dig it (2:16pm)
Dial: Got to meet Satriani once. Cool cat. (2:19pm)
Metaskeptik: yeah, he's cool (2:20pm)
Metaskeptik: met him too (2:20pm)
malderor: i ignore the monitor ones. the board is the one that matters. (2:20pm)
Metaskeptik: okey dokey (2:23pm)
Metaskeptik: Satriani won't be on my asshole musician show ;) (2:23pm)
Metaskeptik: whenever i get around to that (2:23pm)
Metaskeptik: #morrissey (2:24pm)
Dial: That would be a great show! (2:25pm)
Metaskeptik: So many to choose from! (2:26pm)
Dial: Let me know when you want to do it and we can do back to back shows. (2:28pm)
Metaskeptik: ok (2:28pm)
Metaskeptik: Fuck! (2:31pm)
malderor: i just bought this on vinyl, finally, yesterday during my show. (2:31pm)
Metaskeptik: Fuck fuck! (2:36pm)
Metaskeptik: Primus Sucks! (3:15pm)
Paulitics: It's rainy here at OAK Airport (3:18pm)
Paulitics: But Bo's Veranda makes it better (3:18pm)
Paulitics: Thanks (3:18pm)
Paulitics: My uncle is best friends with Les Claypool.... (3:18pm)
weather : mainstream rock (3:18pm)
Paulitics: I've met him a few times... (3:19pm)
Paulitics: Maybe I can get him to interview on Radio Valencia? (3:19pm)
Metaskeptik: Maybe you can? (3:26pm)
Metaskeptik: I've never read or heard any interviews with him (3:26pm)
better music: for a better workday! (3:27pm)
Metaskeptik: but i don't really follow that stuff (3:27pm)
Metaskeptik: Sorry you gotta work in the rain (3:27pm)
Paulitics: It's all good... It's my Friday.... (3:29pm)
Paulitics: Arrest the President!!! That was awesome? (3:30pm)
Paulitics: I meant. "awesome!!!" (3:30pm)
Metaskeptik: Ice Cube (3:30pm)
Metaskeptik: \m/ (3:31pm)
AWESOME! FUCK THE FCC!!!: thanks for tuning in! (3:32pm)
Metaskeptik: Fuckin A! (3:39pm)
!LAM!: ZODD! (3:41pm)
Metaskeptik: KNEEL! (3:45pm)
Dial: You broadcast on tuesdays now, too? Yee Ha (3:51pm)
87.9FM: professional broadcasting is totes for realz! (3:52pm)
Just Toph: Hey Mr DJ! (3:56pm)
Metaskeptik: Hey Toph (3:57pm)
Metaskeptik: I'm about done but stay tuned for DJ Dial a Shot next (3:57pm)
Just Toph: Slid in at the closing bell... Just in time... (3:58pm)
Metaskeptik: Cool (4:00pm)
Dial: Definitely stay tuned. Cheers! (4:00pm)
Metaskeptik: Only once side is broadcasting (4:02pm)
Metaskeptik: The left (4:02pm)
Just Toph: Damn, Metaskeptik just went political again. (4:03pm)
Dial: That's happened before. I don't know the solution. (4:03pm)
Metaskeptik: Ha Toph! (4:04pm)
Just Toph: And Dial's response worked as well. (4:04pm)
Metaskeptik: I would try reconnecting? (4:04pm)
Just Toph: These jokes write themselves. (4:05pm)
Dial: I will right now (4:05pm)
Metaskeptik: Well it was fine for a sec (4:06pm)
Metaskeptik: OK now (4:07pm)
Metaskeptik: STEREO! \m/ (4:07pm)
Dial: Now? (4:07pm)
Metaskeptik: yep (4:08pm)
Metaskeptik: fine (4:08pm)
Dial: Sweet!!! (4:08pm)
Metaskeptik: yep, finishing my tea and chillin (4:13pm)
Dial: Cheers, brother (4:15pm)
Metaskeptik: Still listening via app (4:27pm)
Dial: The app is the place to be! (4:28pm)