Chatroom History
February 28, 2019 8:00pm - 10:23pm

Rustytarnation: Timmiii! (8:08pm)
timmmii: hello (8:17pm)
filius fone: bv dub so great (8:40pm)
filius fone: so prolific (8:40pm)
timmmii: def prolific (8:41pm)
Dial: Hey Timmmii. (8:50pm)
timmmii: what's up dial (9:00pm)
Dial: Just digging your tunes and chilling. Cheers. (9:01pm)
timmmii: thanks man! (9:04pm)
Dial: Thursday is never complete without a trip down the well! (9:06pm)
timmmii: almost didn't make it tonight (9:07pm)
timmmii: my kid threw a toddler tantrum at bedtime (9:07pm)
timmmii: good times (9:07pm)
Dial: Crazy kids (9:09pm)
timmmii: indeed (9:09pm)
timmmii: such a gorgeous track (9:17pm)
Dial: Absolutely! (9:17pm)
Dial: Extra beautiful vibes tonight. Thanks! (9:22pm)
timmmii: thx! (9:23pm)
Dial: This Shallow track is chill. Dig it. (9:29pm)
timmmii: it is. reminds me of M83 (9:29pm)
Dial: Good call (9:30pm)
Dial: This LakE track is killer. (9:44pm)
timmmii: it is (9:45pm)
timmmii: thanks for listening everyone (9:57pm)
cipro ferguson: nite timmmii - thanks (10:00pm)
Dial: Thanks, Timmmii. Catch you next time. (10:01pm)