Chatroom History
February 16, 2019 12:00pm - 2:29pm

!LAM!: ...the Last Angry Manny is now in house to take your most ridiculous questions RE: the Todd Show slash Rampage Radio (12:31pm)
!LAM!: RADIOVALENCIA.FM!!! muthafukkas!!! (12:31pm)
Dial: Hey, Manny! (12:32pm)
!LAM!: Yo Dial!! how's it Goin'!!? (12:47pm)
Iron Serbian: Great show, play show play some Ulysses Siren (1:12pm)
!LAM!: yo Iron Serbian (1:19pm)
!LAM!: give us a title for the US request (1:19pm)
Dial: Things are good. Just powering through winter! All the best, my friend! (1:26pm)
!LAM!: ok Dial, hang in there and thanks for listening... (1:26pm)
!LAM!: ...Dial you're in what state again? (1:27pm)
Dial: Minnesota (1:37pm)
Rampage: Right On (1:40pm)
Dial: Hey Beats crew! (2:00pm)
OriginalBrewer: Hey! (2:05pm)
OriginalBrewer: who else is out there listening? Welcome to the Seaside! (2:08pm)
malderor: do you have "sea song" by the Doves lined up? (2:13pm)
OriginalBrewer: I'll ask! (2:13pm)
OriginalBrewer: ESBale has a few "surprises" up his sleeve :) (2:14pm)
Dial: Dig the theme! Warm winter thoughts are always nice. (2:16pm)
OriginalBrewer: Thanks, Dial! How's the temp in Minnesota? (2:19pm)
Dial: Warmed up to 21 today. Sweet! (2:22pm)
OriginalBrewer: Brrrrrrr! (2:23pm)
Dial: Piece o cake (2:27pm)
malderor: balmy (2:29pm)